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When things come up that you thought you shifted

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Were you releasing, healing,, clearing and cleansing, and suddenly you have this old stuff coming up that you thought you had let go of, transmuted, healed? You are not alone. And you did nothing wrong.

In fact, you should celebrate!

I just had a very vivid and strong dream this morning. All the junk I had cleared, healed and forgiven came up. As I got present with it and asked what it was about, I immediately received the deep knowing of what is going on, not only for me but on a wider level. And all that was left to say was "thank you!". What a gift.

How come?

We are all going through massive waves of awakening, each of us in our own way.

As we are awakening to the magnificence of who we are, we start allowing more light in, more love, more joy, more of who we came here to be.

The more you allow the new you come into being, the more the old you has to leave. It is simply not aligned with who you are any more.

What happens then, is that you start clearing deep layers that you did not have access to previously. Much like the sediments of a river which get stirred up when a lot of water is flowing through.

In fact, you are clearing very deep layers, eons of years and lifetimes. They are finally emerging from the unconscious realms, your cells, other lifetimes, realities, dimensions to be released, so you can fully embody the new you.

So when these things happen to you, don't think you are running backwards. Don't get stuck in the story of wether you cleared that before or not.

It is so much more than that!

You are multidimensional, and you are starting to get access to all the layers of who you are. How amazing is that?

It is time to celebrate!

Let go of resistance, suppression, escape or doubt, even though it might not feel comfortable in the moment. Instead, be grateful that you are getting to release on such deep layers and levels.

Open your heart, embrace what is, welcome it in. Love those parts and versions of yourself, and forgive them. Say thank you and release them into the light. Allow unconditional presence and love to do the healing.

If you feel guided to, make sounds, yell, scream, laugh or make funny noises, dance, walk, run, move your body, come back to stillness, sit in nature, breathe deeply.

Do whatever you feel guided to, from full awareness and presence in your body.

And then, choose anew.

Connect to pure source, Mother Earth and your Higher Self.

Open your heart.

And say thank you.

You are a sovereign being of light in physical form, you are an infinite, powerful, divine creator. Own it!

If you would love to get support with your journey of awakening and stepping into the full power of who you are, let's chat and see how I can best support you. I am looking forward to connecting with you!

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