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In personal contact and sessions with Natasa, through her beautiful voice and attitude, I find a space of love and acceptance in which I can deeply be in contact with myself in a truly authentic way. I perceive her inputs as a supporting way to follow my own path in a way of acceptance and love.

Her group, her videos, sessions, articles and reflections have helped me to start feel in a different way themes about I had been working on for a long time. Then I realized I had always been trying to ‘change myself’ to become a ‘better person’. Through Natasa I started to clearly feel that, as she writes “It is about a change of consciousness. It is about love. It is about awakening to self love and living from and in your heart.”. That’s what I was missing: “Unlearning my social programming and stepping into my true power! Loving myself unconditionally and embracing all of who I am. Following my heart.” I started to learn accepting all my experiences, because these are steps on my life’s path, what a beautiful and liberating feeling. And after a deeply difficult situation I said my first “Wow!” (as once she told me), I thought “Wow! This was an exercise!” and I felt so in love and peace.

I’ve started learning to fully accept who I am, without judging myself, to see my beauty as human being and being thankful for this, to really and deeply love myself... and that makes me the ‘better person’ I always wanted to become... and in reality, I just didn’t see it, I already was it!

Thank you.


Through TAT I could release my trauma, which I could not do in years of support from a psychologist. Due to her empathetic nature, Natasa has opened a huge oasis of trust for me, which gave me the opportunity to look deep within, to allow that which was so burdening to heal, to be joyful and aware of how I am treating myself."

The session with you was very valuable to me. My fear of bears, which I had after witnessing the Accident at the bear park is gone. 
I wish you a lot of success with your work and hope that many people will be able to benefit from it.


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