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How to shift mindset and why it didn't work before

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

If you are on the path of living a life aligned with your soul’s calling and your highest dreams, you might have tried to shift some mindset or beliefs as a way to change what is holding you back from showing up fully for yourself and your mission.

Most probably you have tried to envision yourself as the person you want to be combined with gratitude, or you did some mirror work with affirmations, repeating "positive" statements like "I am enough" or "money loves me" or "I am loved and respected."

And most probably, that didn't work. Let's look at why - and how it can.

What is mindset and why is it important?

Mindest is the sum of your opinions and beliefs. In other words, all the thoughts that you keep thinking and believing, including the conclusions you make from how you experience the world.

With the understanding that beliefs (co-)create most of our reality, we can understand the saying "change your mind(set), change your reality".

Why "mind shifting" did not work the way you wished for

  1. Around 95% of our thoughts are subconscious, meaning we are not aware of them. Your beliefs (which are basically thoughts you keep thinking over and over again) are usually not in your awareness!

  2. If you are not aware of what you truly think and believe about life, since what you most think is hidden from your awareness, what beliefs are running the show then?

  3. Beliefs form through repetition, but if there is a high level of emotional upheaval, they form immediately. Often times beliefs stem from an underlying experience, that created them in the first place. This might be from your own life, or generational, cultural (both "passed down"), or from another life.

If for example you wish to finally take that inspired action and start sharing your mission more powerfully with the world, but find yourself procrastinating, you might have a belief running the show. One example that I hear a lot and have had myself is: "if I get successful, I won't have time for ________ (fill in the blank)." If you wish to find love, but if a part of you is holding a belief that "I am not respected" or "I am not lovable", then you are likely going to have a really hard time to attract a partner who respects and loves you as you are, and is ready to commit to being with you.

How can we shift limiting beliefs and mindset that does not serve us?

Thoughts and beliefs are stored in the highly structured waters of our cells. Have you heard of cell memory? It is held the waters in your cells store.

So how do we shift this memory?

  1. Explore Some of your thoughts you can get aware of by raising your level of presence, hearing your self talk and writing them down consistently over a period of time. Most of the time, subconscious thoughts and beliefs are hard to notice for yourself, but another can perceive them. In my work with clients, I use specific questions and my intuitive gifts to help you uncover limiting beliefs and patterns, and the experience that created them in the first place.

  2. Transmute Remember that old wounds, patterns and beliefs are held in your subconscious. mind? Research shows that most probably the structured water in your cells holds memory. Through connecting to your subconscious and changing the frequency of the water in your cells, you can change that memory. If I was to work with you, I would help you connect to the parts of your younger self that have had an experience, which created the beliefs in the first place. We transmute the experience of the parts which are still stuck in the past, and when the emotional response from that event has shifted and there is no charge left around it, the beliefs start shifting (they have no foundation).

  3. Activate Choose anew. Now that the parts of you who were holding the limiting beliefs are calm and healed, and do not need to worry any more about protecting you, your can choose new beliefs and perspectives and experience them with all your senses. I love help you activate your DNA to the next level of your experience through vibration (remember, the water in your cells governs your DNA expression!), so that you can be in alignment with your highest expression and soul blueprint.

  4. Integrate This part is important and often overlooked. Now it is time to support your nervous system to keep the newly formed connections and embody the new reality. How will you live with that new choice? In this step in my work I focus on keeping the shift alive, and helping you keep your focus and take new inspired action. Down to earth coaching for integration, focus and next steps are crucial to keep the shift alive.

On our path of awakening and embodying our leadership, power and vibrancy, mindset will be a part - which for me means transmuting what holds the limiting beliefs in place. The real problem are not your thoughts, but the experiences that created them. Therefore shifting beliefs will not happen by affirmations or through will, but by transmuting the experiences and wounds that the younger parts of you are holding, and by aligning all of you to the unique energy blueprint of who you already are in truth - a powerful, infinite creator being.

If you wish support with shifting mindset, schedule a free clarity alignment call.

This call will let you walk away with more soul alignement and clarity about what your soul wishes you to exprience, what is holding you back, how you can get support and what your next steps might be.

I am looking forward to connecting with you on the call!


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