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Quantum Leap Mentorship

Align with your soul's purpose and your highest heart's desires

There is a voice in your heart

It is calling you home.

To deeply connect with
 to your true nature and inner knowing.

To own your truth.
 share your divine calling and unique soul's gifts with the world.

To live your most magical, vibrant and meaningful life. 

Your heart is reminding you of the love, joy, freedom, abundance and peace that you are in truth


But you might not feel quite that expanded.

At times, you feel cut off from your higher guidance and your

You seem to not be able to connect to why you are here and what to do next.

At times it is scary. At times it is exhausting.

And sometimes you feel like giving it all up.

But your sweet heart
won't stop nudging you.

It knows that there is more for you.

And you know, too, 


Deep in the core of your being you know

It is time to live aligned with your true divine essence and unique expression


 step up for who you are and why you are here.

The world needs you, and it needs you vibrant, lit up and in your power!

Where do you wish to start?

  • Reconnect deeply with your inner knowing and guidance

  • Be crystal clear about your next steps

  • Take the leap your heart is calling you into 

  • Own your truth and express yourself freely

  • Embody self love, self trust & self worth

  • Activate your soul's gifts on a deeper level

  • Transmute fears, beliefs, patterns and other conditioning that keep you from moving on

  • Allow for more abundance, joy, vibrancy, wellbeing and flow in your life

  • Regain trust in yourself and god / source / your higher self / the universe

  • Enjoy the freedom of being fully and freely YOU

This is a journey into wholeness.

Wherever you wish to start is fine. As you start receiving through this work, it affects all areas of your life.

There is no separation. Your true heart's dreams and desires, your vibrancy, wellbeing, flow and your soul calling are one, and they lead to each other.

You deserve to have it all.




When you live aligned with your true divine essence, expression and calling

You step into your potential, leadership and flow

You live from a place of joy, fulfillment and meaning

You dare to be fully, freely and powerfully YOU.

That is what I support you to activate, embody and truly LIVE.


3 Month VIP Mentorship Support
  • A light infused sacred space holding the energy for your highest available timeline for the duration of the mentorship
  • Assessment form for self awareness and a clear transformational pathway 
  • 3 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions per month  with Natasa Stojanovic, held weekly
  • guided reflection and integration support in week 4 of the month
  • powerful and simple tools and meditations to support the transformation from our sessions into daily life as needed in between sessions
  • Access to me in between sessions via text (Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm)
1777.- chf / month

Note: Your 1:1 Mentorship is completely tailored to your personal needs


Book a Mentorship exploration call to discover more

What is unique about this Mentorship?

I have a unique intuitive gift of bringing unconsciousness to light and seeing higher potential,.


Through using a combination of my multidimensional gifts of intuitive guidance, Ocean Light Language Transmissions with down to earth approaches like trauma informed mind body healing and coaching, I help you to

  • transmute what is holding you back

  • activate your DNA to next level of your potential and

  • integrate the new states of flow, joy and vibrancy into daily life, so you can take inspired action with confidence, clarity and ease.

As a vessel for higher frequencies, I hold the light for you to remember the magnificence of who you truly are and why you are here. 


It is time to reclaim your vibrancy, clarity and fulfillment. 

Voices Sharing Love



"Natasha holds a very warm, nurturing high vibe container that is sacred and pure. I feel her beautiful light language gently touch inside me, transmuting the density, no longer serving me, powerfully penetrating, dissolving and expanding me all at once to new awareness and possibilities I get to now explore and play from. Natasha is the real deal. Thank you lovely Natasha for holding space for me, for my dolphins and my dragon in this way. You really spoke to my essence today and that feels great as I continue to unwind, integrate and own my power like never before to be of the greatest service to All. I really look forward to exploring the mystery and unfolding of what I'm birthing into now! Namaste, ."

Katherine Lia, Healer and Transformational Coach


"The clarity from ocean light language is too amazing for words. 

To clear so much so quickly and it’s not something that happens and then disappears, it’s lasting. Words that tripped me are light and easy now. 
Working with Natasa is as light as air, as deep as the deepest ocean all wrapped in love and care.  You know your highest good is above all."

Jill C. Brown,
Creator of Soul Avatar


Natasa's energy is extremely pure, which is important to me when choosing a healer or coach to work with...

Natasa has an amazing gift to channel Ocean Light Language and energy. She combined this with her other powerful tools to create an amazing healing container. I look forward to doing deeper work with Natasa in the future. She is a great leader and guide to assist others in stepping into the New Earth energies.“

Cymry Mongan

Your heart is calling you.
It is calling you to follow the whispers of your soul and be of your greatest service while living your most fulfilled and vibrant life.



Let's chat and explore whether this mentorship is for you.

Meet Natasa Stojanovic

Hi, I am a Soul Leadership coach and multidimensional Ocean Light Language Channel with 20 years experience in leadership-, team-, personal and spiritual development.

Using my multidimensional gifts of channeling, frequency healing and down to earth coaching I support heart-centered wayshowers, leaders and entrepreneurs to remember and embody their unique soul essence, so that they can step into their power, vibrancy, leadership and flow, and show up fully and authentically for their highest dreams and soul calling​.

I believe that our true heart’s desires, vibrant wellbeing and divine purpose are ONE, and that we are here to embody unconditional love and live as conscious creators and stewards of Mother Earth.

Your fulfillment and mission matter, and I am here to help you activate, embody and LIVE it!

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