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The Bosnian Pyramids and what you can receive from sacred sites

The questions I hear and feel most often when I talk to people about the Bosnian Pyramids are "Is it real?" and "Is it worth it?" I can completely relate to these questions, in fact they had lit up for me as well in the beginning, because despite of what I know in my heart and from studying beyond mainstream information, my mind is quite rational and can operate very analytical. There is not much information around, and when you get there, the pyramids are not excavated and free standing like many others in the world and the question always arises: is this really true?

Years ago, I would have been caught in the critical thinking, in the doubt, in the "figuring it out" wether that is true.

But luckily I have learnt to trust my experience and heart over the analytical critical part of my mind.

The experience

We visited the Bosnian pyramids in November 2022.

We started at the underground tunnel system (Ravne). First time visitors go in with a guide, which was very informative, but does not give you much time to experience. Then we stayed to meditate, be, feel, sense. That first time around, we started feeling into the energies, but there were already a lot of people on their way, so we did not have the stillness to really receive. Nevertheless, I suddenly noticed that my back pain which I had for 2 days prior had completely disappeared.

After the tunnels, the pyramids of the sun (archaeological site and top) and the pyramid of the moon were our next stops over the next day and a half.

Both have interesting sites to visit and very distinct energies.

After spending a lot of time on the pyramid of the sun, we found ourselves connecting to someone (souls recognize souls as my friend Jill says) who was there from the very beginning, and as we speak the language, we were initiated some more into sacred knowledge. After that I loved the feminine welcoming energy of the pyramid of the moon, my son found the little stone that marks the top and we meditated there, which was a soothing experience, allowing us to integrate some more of what we had received so far. It was a magical experience, we were by ourselves, passing by the excavation sites with the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time.

How sacred sites reveal their truth

But then, on our last day, we went back to the tunnels relatively early in the morning....

Words cannot describe the experience. The energy we were both blessed to receive was like an initiation at warp speed, or as my son expressed: "like a strong wind blowing through me". We are still integrating, decoding when time is right and enjoying this sacred experience with gratitude. And that is how sacred sites reveal their truth.

You see, when these things happen, words are too small to express and our brains to slow to grasp and understand. You just have to live it. Experience it. Be it.

And allow divine timing to unfold the rest.

A little bit like when I do DNA Activations. There is the intention which is always for the highest good of the person I work with and all that is, but I have no idea how and when it will show up in people's lives. Usually some of it is palpable right away and sometimes up to months or years later. Usually people don't even connect it to our session, but it happens always in perfect divine timing.

Just like what you might receive from sacred sites.


Is it real?

So when you ask me wether it is true that there is sacred technology in form of sacred sites, pyramids, tunnels and more, (yes, we have not seen everything and will definitely go back one day), I would suggest to not make it about figuring out wether it is true or not, but about having an experience and trusting our own heart, body and spirit.

I suggest however, that you take enough time (both, enough days and time at specific sites), and keep following your intuition and heart as to what is next.

The sites will guide you, as they have their specific energies and will lead you to balance if you listen. That being said, if you are limited in time, I suggest to consciously choose wether you want to see it all, or have an experience.

Is it worth it?

I believe all sacred sites work the same. They are calling you when it is time for you to go, and you will simply know. For us, it was definitely a calling, a clear knowing that we are going. Even though in the beginning it was my son who insisted, I knew immediately that this was important and that I was going to make that happen for us.

Something within you knows when and where to go. If it is calling you, there is something for you.

As for one thing, I can almost guarantee that it will be worth it: experiencing the friendliness and hospitality of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I hope this sheds some light on the questions I have been receiving. If you wish to connect to these powerful energies through a transmission, contact me through Sending Ocean Waves of Love and Blessings.


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