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Myth: You don't need healing, just raise your vibration | or why raising vibration won't help you heal

Updated: Apr 10

(Or watch as video here.) I remember when that sentence came up:  you don't need to heal anything,  because you already are whole. All you need to do is to raise your vibration. 

Raising vibration is great, but only as long as it is not used as spiritual bypassing. And it certainly is no replacement for healing.

Here's an example to show why raising vibration won't help you heal: 

My heart was pounding

Not long ago somebody tried to break into our place while my son and I were sleeping . The noise woke me up. Yes, my heart was running wild. I felt my solar plexus contract. I listened… that noice… again… directly at the backside of the house! 

As you might imagine, I did not sit on my bed to raise my vibration. 

I ran out of the sleeping room into the living room and to the light switches, and turned on all the lights outside of the house - luckily, he left. (It was later confirmed that it was truly someone trying to break in).

When you hear sounds that do not exist

While this was a real threat and required action, here is the rest of the story and how it refers to raising vibration and healing:

The following night I would wake up seven times. I would hear sounds that weren’t there and hear my heart pounding. I would have to use the bathroom seven times from a nervous bladder. I would wake up from dreams of hearing noises…

A traumatic event, a wounding (breakup), a stressful experience can get locked in the crystalline water of our cells (on a cellular level) and in your energy system. 

Our nervous system keeps being over alert.  Our mind creates a stories  upon stories about what could eventually happen. This also refers to any kind of conditioning, including ancestral, generational and social programming (beliefs, wounds, trauma etc.).

You can try to feel grateful and raise vibration all freaking day, that will not change a thing.

The night will come, and your heart will start pounding, or whatever the trigger and the stress reaction that is for you. 

You can’t “raise vibration” that away.

What you can do though is heal. 

And that is what I did. I am grateful that I can use my own medicine, and that is what I did.

Re-connected to presence

It took 20 minutes of loving presence and using frequency mind body healing with Ocean Light Language. 

This session included healing ancestral and generational trauma connected to the event - not because I analyzed it, but because it showed up. Embracing all parts of me, letting go of what wasn’t mine and re-connecting to my wholeness, my true essence, my infinite wisdom and beingness. 

I now feel calm at night. I can sleep. I do not use the bathroom more than usual ;-) 

But what is most important:  I know that I can and will wake up if needed.

That is important, indeed 💖 

When we truly heal, we do not need the (subconscious) mind to try and keep us safe, but we allow for our intuition and higher guidance to guide us. We are re-connected to the present moment, not dwelling in the past or future.

That is high vibe! 

What if the new way of healing IS raising vibration

I don’t know about you, but I am clear that Healing IS a way of rasing vibration, and a very important one we should not dismiss. 

What comes up is here to be looked at and returned to the wholeness of who we are. Not to be spiritually bypassed by trying to raise vibration and keep pushing a part of you away. 

And it can be so easy. 

Healing does not have to be hard, nor do we have to dissect our life or analyze and feel our pain thousands of times again. Healing can be a way to raise your vibration, indeed. I am talking about the new way of healing. 

Deep as the ocean and light as air. Profound and easy. Powerful and gentle. 

Healing with the Codes of Ocean Light is a channeled transmission of sound, light, energy, frequency and information that goes straight to the level of your being and energy. it truly is light and deep, profound, powerful and gentle.

Because it doesn't analyze, push, manipulate, fix or solve.

It helps you to re-member all of who you are and release what you are not. It helps your life force to flow through you, and shifts the vibration of the crystalline water in your cells that hold your DNA.

If you are feeling called to learn more, I am inviting you to check out my Masterclass and Healing Event “Expansion through deep cellular healing using the Codes of Ocean Light".

I will be sharing so much more... how healing can be light and profound, gentle and powerful. How you can get to deeper layers without analyzing. How it works...

... but most of all, you will experience deep cellular healing using the codes of ocean light.

You can learn more here.


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