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Private Mentorship

Release what no longer serves you and live from your highest expression.
Align with your highest wisdom
Allow your highest self expression to come through
Replace limiting beliefs with those that truly support you
Clear and release what no longer serves your highest potential
Expand your consciousness
Unleash the power of your heart
Stepping into the power of who you truly are, you are going to receive guidance to a new reality and a new kind of living. 
This will not only impact the area of your life where you wish to get support, whether that is purpose, health, wealth, relationships or any other area of your life.
When you expand your consciousness and start receiving through this work, it affects all areas of your life.
  • Working 1:1 with me in a 2-4 month setting
  • 8 Private sessions
  • Support between sessions
  • Tools and Energy Techniques for you to keep and benefit from
  • USD 2222.-
Are you committed to activate your heart and live from your highest expression? 
Are you inspired to learn more? Would you like to find out whether we fit?

Private Heart Activation Transmission

Your heart is more than a blood pump and even more than an electromagnetic transmitter that communicates to your brain and body. 
Your heart is the portal through which you can access the multidimensional magic of who you are.
In this powerful sound Healing and Activation Transmission I show you how to access the portal of your heart more fully and open up to the love and joy that wants to come in for you.
I help you let go of what no longer serves you and access a state of bliss and happiness as a choice.
Allow yourself to receive in 90 minutes
- Coaching on a specific issue you would like to get help with
- Healing work to release what stresses you most right now
- Heart Activation Light Language Transmission
Duration:      90 Minutes
Investment: 222.00 USD
To request a time and book a session, send me an email.

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