My story

I was a successful business and life coach and mind body connection professional, working with CEO's, leaders and individuals from all over the world. I had a good, comfortable and stable life.

But deep within, there was a longing for another way of being. There was a yearning so strong, that no matter how hard I tried, I could not silence it. But I did not really listen. I always found a reason to procrastinate or convince myself to be happy with what I had. 

In 2012, I experienced what is usually referred to as "the dark night of the soul". 

A series of life experiences shattered all of my understanding of myself and the world. 

3 years after the birth of my son, I was constantly ill, fatigued, exhausted and depleted.

I embarked on a deep healing journey, and after 2 years and some improvement to my health I finally faced the truth:

I was supressing my deep inner knowing for years. I had been putting my true heart's desires down. I repressed that uncomfortable feeling of not showing up for my truth for years.

When I finally let go of trying to heal and committed to journey into the core of my heart, my world started changing. Letting my heart lead the way changed the whole game for me.

On that journey to the core of my heart and trusting its whispers, deep healing started taking place in all areas of my life, including my health.

But what became far more important, I walked through the doorway in my heart and I awakened to a purpose beyond my dreams, and to spiritual gifts I never even knew existed.

Today, I am excited to share them with you.


If you wish to read my story in detail, or watch my coming out video, you can do so in my blog.

Are you ready to shift your story?

I believe that...

... you came here for a reason

... the world needs your gifts right now

... you are a infinitely powerful divine creator

...abundance, vitality, love, clarity, fulfillment and happiness are your bithrigth!

My calling is...

... to help your greater calling to emerge with grace and ease

... to empower you to express your highest purpose into the physical world from total integrity and authenticity

... to help you to live from your highest guidance and flow instead of trying to figure it out and pushing through

My mission is...

... to co-create a world of peace, joy, love, respect and deep connection to each other and Mother Earth. activate the hearts of millions of people

... to help raise consciousness of humanity to 5D and above 
... to anchor in the highest light codes into our physical reality and embodiment


How I work and who I work with

While my coaching skills still flow into my work, today my work is far more powerful using my multi dimensional awareness, light language, sound and energy healing.

If you read this far, you are what I call a New Earth Leader.

You want to contribute in greater ways and you are deeply connected to Nature.

When you hear about inner guidance, heart wisdom and soul callingsomething gets stirred within.


I am excited to co-create with you!

Find out how I can best assist you! 


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I am thrilled to co-create with you! 

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