About Natasa Stojanovic

Activator of higher Potential and Purposeful Expression 

Ocean Light and Energy Healing Expert

Awakening Facilitator and Leader of the Heart


Passionate about pure consciousness and the power of our heart, Natasa helps New Earth Leaders, Wayshowers and inspired, conscious beings to step into their innate power, follow their true heart's desires and live & embody their highest expression, calling and potential with grace and ease.

Natasa combines transmitting highest frequencies of light through speaking and singing Light Language as well as accessing pure consciousness for healing and activation with down to earth coaching & facilitation.

She also channels the codes of Ocean Light and the wisdom and energy of whales and dolphins.

She has a unique way of connecting scientific understanding with embodied experience of grounded spirituality and unconditional love.

Apart from her multidimensional gifts, Natasa is trained in various modalities of Energy Psychology, Energy Healing, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), coaching, and Experiential Learning.


Natasa has 25 years experience of working with people.

She is a mother of a beautiful 8 year old boy and has a deeply embodied connection to the Ocean and Mother Earth.

Her mission is to support humanity in awakening and co-creating New Earth through elevating consciousness and activating our hearts and unlimited potential stored in our DNA.

"My story"

For many years, I was a successful business & life coach and mind body connection professional, working with CEO's, leaders and individuals from all over the world.

I had a good, comfortable and stable life.

Yet deep within, there was a longing for another way of being. I knew there was more to life, more to me, more to my experience here on earth. I had a dream deep within. A dream to contribute in different ways, to live by the ocean, and to help people live their dreams and their lives more fully. 


But I always found a reason to procrastinate or convince myself to be happy with what I had.

In 2012, I experienced what is usually referred to as "the dark night of the soul". 

A series of life experiences shattered all of my understanding of myself and the world.


At the same time, magic began to unfold: I gave birth to my beautiful son, an experience which should alter the course of my life more than I could ever have expected.

By the time my son was three years old, I was constantly ill, fatigued, exhausted and depleted, and far from being the mother and human being I wanted to be.

I embarked on a deep healing journey, and after 2 years and some improvement to my health I finally faced the truth:

I had been suppressing my deep inner knowing for years. I had been putting my true heart's desires aside. I was simply denying part of who I am.

When I finally let go of trying to heal and committed to journey into the core of my heart and the truth of who I am, my world started changing. 

On that journey to the core of my heart and trusting its whispers, deep healing started taking place in all areas of my life, including my health.

But what became far more important, I walked through the doorway in my heart and I awakened to a purpose beyond my dreams, and to spiritual gifts I never even knew existed. 

Today, I am excited to share them with you.​​​​

If you wish to read my story in detail, or watch my coming out video, you can do so in my blog.

Are you ready to shift your story?

I am thrilled to connect and co-create with you! 

Not sure where to start?