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Channeling message - you are loved!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

This is a channeling message I received a few days ago, and I want to share it with all of you who feel drawn to read it. "You are ascending.

You are expanding.

We are here to support you. You are here to shift the frequency of those that you touch, to shift your own frequency. We, the council of light, are there with you. We are always with you.

We are you.

Serve and expand.

Have fun.

Be joyful.

Take it easy. it is not as serious as you think, as you perceive.

Expand, see through the veil. it is just an earthly experience, it is not about the issues of the human experience itself, it is about love, about seeing from and through love.

The warrior of the heart is here to help. The warrior of the heart is part of you.

You are chosen to do this work. you chose yourself. And we chose you. We are here for your support.

The warrior if the heart is your strength.

You are meant to thrive.

You have all you need within.

You are the warrior of the heart.

Stop fightting.




Connect to your heart.

The warrior of the heart is guiding you with his Light, his determination, his alignment, his courage, his LOVE!

There is nothing to fight about. No need to push or pull. It is about BEING.

BE fully in the energy.

Be the warrior of love and light.

FEEL your strength.

FEEL yourself deserving.

FEEL yourself worthy.

There is no worthy or unworthy in this realm where we dwell.

We are love. All of who you are is loved to an extent you cannot even imagine.

You are all worthy.

You are all loved as you are.

Are you yourself ready to commit? Commit to shine your light.

What you experienced today was how life works. It is not about the fight. it is not about the little human issues.

It is about love and light. It is about unconditional love. You did great. Continue.

Share your light. Share your love. You are "working " already all the time.

You bring light to this planet.

This is your task."

P.s. The warrior of the heart refers to a download I received a few months ago. You can watch the video about that here.

Much love, Natasa

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