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Are you living your highest potential?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Yesterday, I woke up and was immediately taken to a meditative state. I was at the beginning of creation. I saw a huge blackness, all was pitch black. All except a tiny dot of clear, golden light. I heard "I AM the I AM." Next, I heard "what do you want to create"? I started with "Joy, Love, Abundance, Health, Vitality, Freedom." Then I felt into more detail and continued: "a beautiful connected relationship with my son." "an inspiring, loving intimate relationship with the partner beyond my dreams" "an amazing, supportive, joyful community of like minded and open hearted people" and so on...

I created a beautiful place by the ocean, with friends and beautiful self sustained houses, all in harmony with the earth, and more.

And then I was shown source in action... I saw an adult person stumbling around at the beach in "my bay", touching mud and sand, letting it move through her fingers in awe and excitement. She was literally discovering physical reality for the first time.

It was the awe, wonder and excitement of source experiencing itself, much like a child discovers the world.

And you? How often do you feel like that?

If you are not living in awe, wonder and excitement for your life in every moment, you are not living up to your greatest potential.

We are capable of opening up to far more than we can imagine.

But most of us are waiting for something on the outside to shift, in order to feel excited and joyful.

We are waiting for our health to shift in order to feel whole.

We are waiting for a lover to show up in order to feel loved.

We are waiting for more money in order to feel abundant.

But that is not how the universe works. It is not how life works.

Wether you look at it from a scientific point of view, or from a spiritual point of view, it is the other way around.

The shift starts within. Your emotions are what creates your reality. And your emotions are governed by your beliefs and your thoughts, moment by moment.

Shift your beliefs.

Let go of what no longer serves you.

Call all of your energy back and re-claim your power.

Open your heart.

Find your joy and follow your calling.

Learn to shift your perspective to one of gratitude and excitement for every single moment in your life.

All it takes is consistency and commitment.

The magic lies within. When you open up to who you truly are, when you do your inner work and start playing, enjoying, being excited and feeling grounded, loving and connected just for being who you are, THAT is when your outer world will start shifting.

You are a powerful, divine, sovereign creator! Own that!

If you would like support and you are ready to commit to your own happiness, I will be happy to connect with you. You can reach out to me at

Sending you much love, excitement and joy!



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