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All lives matter!


Deep mourning in my soul, feeling the collective grief for not only what happened to George Floyd, but to all of the people who have suffered greatly for being born as they are.

Over the last 2-3 weeks I have been feeling a lot of ancestral stuff coming up, and the recent happenings in the States brought up a lot of grief and sadness related to my own ancestral inherited traumas from the times of holocaust and much more.

And my grief expands to child and human trafficking, to indigenous people all over the world, to women and children in Switzerland and all over the world, who are experiencing severe abuse right now.

I allow myself to feel the pain, and my loving presence to witness all of that sadness and grief, allowing the tears to flow as I think of my grand uncle who I never met because he was killed in WW2 in a concentration camp. I never cried because of that in all of my life before.

As I want to pray for love and forgiveness to flood my system, I look at my cup of cacao in front of me, noticing that the foam has shaped a heart!

I remember my soul's calling which is partly to teach (and continue embodying) pure love, and to support the opening and activating of our hearts.

And I ask myself what that has to do with now?

What does it mean to open our hearts, when things like this happen?

How can we forgive such deeds and move into love? Is that even possible?

Let me answer this as best I can:

Forgivenes and love does not mean to not feel the grief, sadness, anger and despair you are feeling.

It means to sit with your discomfort, allow yourself to feel it and allow it to transmute, so you have the power to act from a clear state of heart and mind.

Forgiveness is not about saying that what happened is ok!

It is merely freeing yourself from the chains that drain your life power and energy.

Forgiveness and love does not mean to not speak up!

Forgiveness and love have nothing to do with tolerating what is going on!

On the contrary. Forgiveness frees you and, from an energetic level, allows you to call back your energy. And that energy is what we need in order to stand united, in complete clarity and power to create what we want and not allow these things to happen ever again.

Don't ever force yourself to forgive. Forgiveness can take time, and that is ok!

Intend it, and allow yourself to go through the whole cycle of feeling the pain, the sorrow, the sadness, the anger, whatever it is for you that wants to be felt! Intention is enough.

Why should we even bother to intend to forgive and choose the path of love?

Because not forgiving is keeping you in toxicity, judgement,

ultimately hatred and SEPARATION. And separation is what creates racial injustice and all of what is going on on our beautiful plane.





Clear your own judgements and preconceptions, and take action in the world!

But don't buy into hate and drama.

Was is terrible, horrific, unimaginable? yes!

Let me share some of my personal deeply distressing experience with this.

I have been translating during the war in my home country, and I can assure you that I have witnessed through what I have learnt there the most horrific, unimaginable and terrifying deeds that I could not ever imagine a human being could execute, not happening to one person but thousands and thousands. I heard dozens if not hundreds of life stories of suffering beyond what I could even comprehend, and words can not describe the horror these human beings have experienced.

It is so cruel that I do not ever want to remember that again, and for sure will be clearing more of that over the next days and weeks, as I can feel the emotions coming up as I write.

But it cannot keep me from loving and forgiving.

Because I have witnessed something else, and here is what happens if we allow that to continue: we start hating everyone, no matter how innocent, who could even possibly remind us of those we perceive as perpetrators.

"White"? Men? Police officers?..."Black"? .....

what does that remind you of?

And that is not where I choose to live!

May source flood us all with pure love and light, lifting out all judgement, helping us to forgive all involved, their families, their ancestors, our families, our ancestors, ourselves!

May we all find peace and may the power of love guide our actions!

May we find our greatest power, courage and clarity to speak up, and stand up united in love.

May we all be warriors of the heart!

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