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Swim with Humpback whales

Expand into the Next Level of Your Expression

OCTOBER 23 - 31, 2024


Are you feeling the call to swim with humpback whales and experience the magic of their pure, magnificent presence, while immersed in a life changing retreat with soul aligned community?

Are you ready for deep, intentional, heart opening transformation and truly expansive high vibrational experiences that allow you to express more of your free, true Self?

Is it important to you that your encounters happen in the most possible respectful ways and on the whale’s terms?


If the answers to these questions are a full body YES, then this retreat is for you.

This Whale Magic Retreat is
a Unique Vibrational Experience.

Allow the presence of the Magnificent Whales, the pure Codes of Ocean Light and the energies of Ancient Lemuria to hold the frequencies for the next level of your expansion.


Here is what you can look forward to during this retreat

  • A carefully curated group of soul family, consisting of 3-6 participants, to minimize our impact on the whales

  • 1 pre retreat online group session with opening ceremony, intention setting and releasing what does not serve for the experience ahead

  • 5 private boat trips to swim with the magnificent humpback whales 

  • Daily transformational support including Ocean Light Language Transmissions, meditation and/or sacred ceremony

  • Snorkeling opportunities in the mesmerizing crystalline turquoise waters of Moorea's most beautiful lagoons

  • Connection to ancient Lemurian energy - excursions and hikes to these sacred power places on land and sea

  • Plenty of time for soul family connection, integration and rest

  • 1 private 1:1 post retreat online follow up session with Natasa Stojanovic

Your Unique Expansion


Is your heart calling you into greater alignment?

What is it that you truly wish to experience?

  • Remember and embody more of your spiritual gifts, soul calling and your galactic heritage

  • Release what is holding you back and take that leap you know would change your life

  • Activate your DNA to the next level of your divine expression and calling 

  • Re-claim your worthiness, leadership and power so that you can live and lead from your true self

  • ​Transcend your perceived limitations and experience more love, peace, fulfillment, vitality and flow in your life

Experience the powerful codes that the Ocean and the Whales are holding to help you expand into the next level of your soul's expression.

Step Into Your Personal Journey

Before the Whale Magic Retreat

Your transformation is energetically initiated the moment you sign up.
Around two weeks prior to the retreat we will meet for a 60 minute group zoom session for:

  • an opening activation to create a sacred energetic space for this expansive Whale Magic Journey

  • setting our highest intentions for the retreat, individually and collectively as a group

During the Whale Magic Retreat


We will have 5 private boat excursions to meet the gentle giants of the sea, the humpback whales.
This gives us the opportunity to swim with them in the wild, look into their eyes, receive frequency attunements - and if we are lucky, listen to their beautiful songs.

Allow for their beautiful frequency and presence to open your heart and support your realization.

When we are not on the boat, we have ample time for Integration and Activity.
We will go for hikes to connect to the land, mountains and a waterfall in this lush paradise, visit sacred places (Marae's) or snorkel in beautiful turquoise lagoons, full of marine life. 

In daily meditation and Ocean Light Activation circles, we will connect to each other, the ocean and the whales, receive healing and activations, and allow ourselves to be supported in our co-creations. 

Last but not least, you will have time for journalling - or simply integration, solitude and being-ness.

Since this is a small group retreat, we will very much stay in flow with what is most supportive to the group. 

We finish the retreat with a closing ceremony and an optional closing dinner together.

Whales Moorea.png

After the Whale Magic Retreat

You will receive a 60 Minute follow up 1:1 coaching session (around 2 weeks after the retreat.) 


This call helps you integrate your new states of being, insights, downloads and energies into your daily life. You will be supported in taking inspired action for your path ahead, or whatever else is in your highest good.

Ready to Dive into the Whale Magic Retreat ?

I already feel that this is for me!
Take me straight to the details so I can secure my spot.

Accommodation - Linareva Beach Resort


We will stay at the beautiful Beach Resort Linareva, a unique accommodation of traditional Tahitian bungalows ("fare's"), seamlessly incorporated in a wonderful natural environment of a variety of tropical trees, plants and flowers.

The bungalows (fares) come with a private bathroom (shower and hot water), fully equipped kitchenette, fan and air- conditioning unit, satellite TV and a covered patio with an ocean view.


I absolutely love their long pier which leads to the edge of a little reef within the lagoon and provides excellent snorkeling - and is also a great place to do a morning practice or watch the sunset.


Like most resorts on the island, Linareva does not serve meals; 
However, there are multiple options for your meals, including ordering in, eating out or making your own meals:

  • Breakfast is available through the resort, but not included with your Whale Retreat registration. You can order on site the day before.

  • All of the bungalows have fully equipped kitchenette for us to prepare our own food, giving us the opportunity to cater for dietary needs and to share homemade meals for those who wish too gather in community.
    We will stop at a shop after or before our activities to get snacks and food.

  • The resort also cooperates with various restaurants so you can order meals of your choice.

  • There is a variety of restaurants close by to eat out


9 Day Retreat

Day 1 - October 23rd - Opening Ceremony
  • Arrival day

  • Opening Ceremony

  • Optional welcome dinner

Day 2 - October 24th - Whales & Sunset Awe
  • Morning practice and Ocean Light Activation - letting go

  • Overview and preparation for the week

  • free time swim, snorkel or kayak off the resort

  • Afternoon Whale Swim 2pm - 5.30 pm

Day 3 - October 25th - Whale Day, Beingness & Sacred Sites
  • Morning meditation

  • Morning Day Whale Swim 10am -2pm

  • Visiting sacred marae's and a beautiful viewpoint over the valleys and bays

Day 4 - October 26th - Ocean Light, Earth & Sea Connection
  • Meditation and Ocean Light Activation for our sacred intentions

  • Hike to 3 Coconut Pass  

  • Enjoy water dipping, snorkeling or swimming on the most colorful beach of the island

  • Time to rest and integrate as needed

Day 5 / October 27th - Sunrise Magic Whale Swim & Ceremony
  • Morning sunrise Whale Swim 5-9am  - be the first in the water with the whales and greet the sun as it rises over the the ocean 

  • Integration circle including time for yourself  

  • Hike to a beautiful waterfall with sacred ceremony for calling in the new

Day 6 / October 28th - Magic Peaks and Whale Swim
  • Morning practice and Ocean Light Activation

  • Short hike with amazing view over the reef and turquoise bay - Magic Mountain

  • Afternoon Whale Swim Experience 2 - 5.30 pm

Day 7 - October 29th - Exploration, Joy and Childlike Play 
  • Sacred circle morning practice 

  • Hike to the 3 Pine Trees & discover childlike play

  • Time for snorkeling, being, playing, exploring the island and communing

Day 8 - October 30th - Rise with the Whales & Sacred Portals
  • Magical Sunrise Whale Swim 5 - 9 am 

  • Integration circle

  • Group choice of activity - hike, snorkel, explore - and/or rest & integrate

  • Ocean Portal Activation and gratitude ceremony

  • Optional farewell dinner

Day 9 - October 31st - New Creations Await
  • Morning tune in and sharing

  • Farewell 

  • Individual check out and departures



October 23 - 31, 2024


Linareva Resort

Island of Moorea, French Polynesia

(see below for how to best get there)

Retreat Investment:

Price as stated below is per person in a shared bungalow with 2 people occupancy:

(Single occupancy surcharge as stated below)


Garden Bungalow

USD 5544.- p.P

2 single beds as double or twin (can be moved apart or together)

2 spots

(single occupancy surcharge 777.- USD)

Garden Studio 

USD 5577- p.P 

2 single beds as double or twin (can be moved apart or together)

4 spots (2 studios)

(single occupancy surcharge 850 USD)


Beach Bungalow,

USD 5999.- p.P.

1 queen size bed 

(single occupancy surcharge 1244 USD)

The Whale Magic Retreat is limited to 6 guests.



To reserve your spot, a deposit of USD 1444.- is required at time of reservation.
The rest of the investment is due by June 23rd or at time of booking.

Registration closes July 1st, 2024

If you would like to pay by bank transfer (if you are in Europe), please get in touch via email HERE.


Here's what is Included in your Whale Magic Retreat


  • Opening group session via zoom (60 min)

  • Follow up personal 1:1 session after the retreat (60 min)

  • 5 private boat excursions to swim with the Whales *

  • Daily transformational support in the form of group meditations, Ocean Light Healing and Activations and more

  • Group activities and excursions as listed above

  • Transportation on the island for our common activities (we will have a mini van or cars)

  • Accommodation as described


Here's what's not included in your Whale Magic Retreat

  • Flights and/or transportation to and from Moorea and the venue

  • Meals 

  • Snorkeling gear (bring your own or get in touch)

  • Travel insurance (highly recommended)

  • Additional paid activities you might wish to engage in


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations up to January 22, 2024: 
A fee of USD 333.- applies. The rest of the payment including deposit will be refunded. 

Cancellation after January 22, 2024 and up to 6 months before the retreat start:
Deposit is non refundable. The rest of the paid investment is fully refunded.

Cancellations up to 4 months before the retreat start:
Refund of 50% of investment minus non refundable deposit.


Cancellations up to 3 months before the retreat start:

Refund of 25% of investment minus non refundable deposit. 


Cancellations 3 months and less before the retreat start: no refunds.

Securing travel insurance to protect your investment for the Whale Magic Retreat is strongly encouraged.

Does this feel like made for you?
Here is your next step:

Registration closes July 1st, 2024

If you would like to pay by bank transfer (if you are in Europe), please get in touch via email HERE.

Client Love

"My intentions for this retreat were to help me to improve my health, on all levels: having just been through some traumatic times,  I needed to reconnect with my own inner wisdom & strengths to overcome PTSD, anxiety, and physical unfitness. 

My shifts began as soon as I committed to the trip and retreat (as is the way of these things). This knowing of what a powerful, healing, heart-connection with the whales would be, pulled me forward into the actions, mindsets, and re-membering of healthier habits I so needed to embody - for the trip and for my life. 

During the retreat I was able to completely focus on my wellbeing needs and this resulted in noticable shifts in better sleep, better energy, better focus, and better clarity on my path going forward. 

These were all goals I have been actively pursuing for some time, so to see clear shifts at the end of the week was certainly excellent!


There were many further opportunities to see where my limiting beliefs were showing up, and where some were more the issue than physical limitations. 

Natasa has a wonderful talent with her Light Language activations and guided meditations. One meditation in particular, mid-week, became a very strong energy healing session for me, I am extremely grateful for these results! She holds up 'mirrors' to see old patterns too, and this is very helpful in moving forward, free of past conditionings.


Natasa holds open a portal, an invitation into possibility, for your self & your growth that I encourage you to step into!

It is certainly a magical retreat in a unique setting with beautiful souls all around.

With much gratitude!"


Tracey Willams Deane 


Artist, Author, & Transformation Navigator

Good to know

*There is no guarantee to see or swim with whales, as they are free in their natural environment and we stand for sacred, respectful encounters.
However, with 5 boat trips chances are
 high to swim with them.

We might have to swim up to 200 yards (180 m) in the open sea. If that is too much, you can always choose to watch the whales from the boat.


** The organizer has the right to change the Itinerary due to unexpected circumstances, weather conditions, safety, wellbeing of participants etc.


***My 12 year old son who brings in a lot of starseed energy will be present during all common activities. For our meditations, activations and frequency alignments he is free to join if he chooses to do so.

Do you have more questions, need practical information or would like to find out how we fit?

I am looking forward to guiding you and co-creating with you on this beautiful journey, so you can experience the transformation your heart is calling you into.


With gratitude,



Whales Moorea.png

Answers to practical questions


1.You will be flying to Papeete (PPT), on Tahiti. 

You will find direct flights to Tahiti from San Francisco (SFO) and Los Angeles (LAX), or from Auckland (AKL).
From Europe look for connections through Paris or from any major airline to SFO and LAX. 

Low cost options from Paris to San Francisco: French Bee
Low cost option from London Gatwick or Oslo to Los Angeles (LAX) or from London Gatwick to San Francisco (SFO):


And then French Bee from SFO or LAX to PPT.

2. From Tahiti you can either take a local flight to Moorea or take a ferry 

IMPORTANT: Please look for flights arriving latest on October 22 or in the morning of October 23... The last ferry connection is at 17.30h.

There are 2 ferry companies that connect Tahiti with Moorea and the ride takes 30-45 minutes.

The Ferry dock (port maritime) is 4 miles, 10 min ride from the airport. Taxi cost is around $20-$25.
The cost of a ferry ticket is around $15 per person (without car)
Ferry schedule Aremiti here.
Ferry schedule Terevau here.

All of the food (unless stated otherwise) is your responsibility. There are many restaurants close to our resort, we can order and all fares have a fully equipped kitchen, so we can make our own food, too. We will be stopping at local shops so you can get snacks and food.

Local currency is CFP or XPF (Franc Pacifique). The exchange rate is around 110 CFP Francs for $1 (American Dollar)

ATM: I suggest you get cash from ATM at the airport on Tahiti, there are ATM’s on Moorea, but only at 3 places (not all accept every card).
Credit Card is widely accepted, however you will need some cash for gratuity tips,  some of the restaurants / food stalls, and if you wish too get souvenirs from a market  or local shop. 

You need to know how to swim to attend this retreat and feel comfortable to swim up to 200 yards / 180 meter.

While it can be provided, I suggest you bring your own snorkeling gear (mask, fins, snorkel)



Sunscreen - please bring reef safe sunscreen, (learn more if unsure, ask, google!) , sun hat, rash-guard / shorty, and whatever else you need to stay protected from the sun, and feel good. We'll be on the boat for 4 hours on 5 days.
Pack a jacket or soft shell, in case it is very windy after the swim, and for the evenings or in case it rains.



Moorea is a tropical destination, and that comes with abundance of life. You might have a gecko in the house (they are amazing, beautiful creatures, and they eat mosquitos.)
Bring mosquito repellent, especially for the evenings and for hikes. However, since our accommodation is by the sea, we are lucky. On the boats it is too windy for them, and on beaches during the day usually the breeze will be strong enough to keep them away from you.

The main language in French Polynesia is French, but many locals understand or speak English.

If you have read this far, it is not a coincidence. 

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