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5 Steps of Death and Rebirth - The Wayshower's Journey

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

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You might be familiar with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s journey, where the Heroin goes through different phases from initiation to bringing new wisdom back to his people.

Many of us wayshowers are going through significant life changes, which always includes recalibration, realignment (or what is often called Death and Rebirth). And that happens in phases.

How this will support you to move through the steps of death and rebirth with more ease and flow

Since I have done this cycle many times for myself and working with clients who I support I thought: "Wouldn't it be great to have an understanding of your expansion journey, so you can recognize where you are at and move through with more flow, grace and ease?" This is how the 5 steps of death and rebirth came about to support your journey as a wayshower. You will find a short description of each phase, tendencies we have in that phase, and a tip - what to look out for, so you can surf the waves of your rebirth with more flow and ease.


  • the phases of death and rebirth as shown below might not be all linear, and you might experience being in one phase and going through a whole mini cycle before you move on to the next phase

  • You might be jumping back and forth - don't judge yourself, simply be present with what is. Get support if needed, so you don't jump back and forth for a long time.

The 5 phases of a wayshower's journey through death and rebirth in detail

  1. Initiation This phase starts either initiated by you or by "life": A yearning, calling, whisper or desire in your heart is becoming louder and louder, you feel the call for change, or life throws more or less unexpected change at you (relationship changes, a sudden notice from your landlord that you have to move, or anything else that throws you out of your "status quo"). Tendencies: We tend to have resistance. Whether the wish comes from you to change something or comes in from the outside, you feel that there is great change at the horizon. You might be escaping, distracting or procrastinating. Tip: Awareness. Create daily space for stillness, presence, awareness. Know it is ok, and simply be with it for a while. If it is your yearning: Envision and feel your dream scenario.

  2. Bottleneck You know there is more but you either don’t know what it is, you doubt it, or you don’t know how to shift what is towards what your heart is calling for. It starts feeling dense, and you might let go of your daily practices or feel like you can’t truly connect to your spirituality, your higher self / guidance / source. You might feel like you are taking one step forward and two back. You might feel confused, frustrated or powerless. Tendency: We tend to push through and try to do all by ourselves in this phase. You might not feel worthy enough to receive help or gift yourself with the help you need. (Or you might choose to work with someone from desperation, which is rarely a good choice). Tip: The great thing about this phase is that the unaligned often feels so unbearable, that we do take action 🤍. Remember that you are gathering the power to move into the new. Also, it is the time when - if staying present - you have the opportunity to recognize what fears and patterns are holding you back. Be present with your feelings, start transmuting them through loving awareness. Ask for the perfect support and next step to be shown to you and trust that you are heard. Be honest with yourself, and allow yourself to be supported, if that is what serves you best.

  3. Choicepoint This is the turning point. You choose to see potential. You make that heart-felt commitment to the change you wish. You choose to invest in yourself. You open up for help and support from the spiritual and the physical world. You start allowing for healing, receiving and help. Tendency: We tend to receive help in this phase, and often look out for or start exploring possibilities of support including courses, sessions, mentorship or other programs. We also feel old patterns surfacing (see just below). Tip: Stay with it! Now is the time when your old patterns might show up to protect you, and they will be loud and clear. Know that they want to protect you, they have no ill intention. Send love and keep your focus clear. Stay with your choice of expansion.

  4. Inspired Action You start taking baby steps, you have amped up self care, you are deepening self love and reconnecting to your higher guidance and the spirit realm. You are doing your inner work and taking steps in the physical world. You might have engaged in a program or mentorship, or you are getting help form friends, allowing yourself to transmute what is not aligned and activate higher potential with more ease, and often times much faster. Your energy is starting to come back. Tendency: If you are like me and have a strong rational mind trained to see what is missing, you might be getting thrown off more easily when a little challenge comes up. When receiving support, there might be the tendency to give away your power to those who support you, and forgetting to focus on what you wish to receive. Tip: Focus on what is working, focus on what you already have and ask for more help where needed. Remember this is a sacred co-creation, you are a powerful creator and you are responsible for your journey. This is your life. Communicate clearly and from your heart with those who support you (your needs, how you feel, what is working, what is not), so you can receive what you came for.

  5. New alignment You are grateful for the synchronicities, guidance, activations and new clarity. Your life is evolving in beautiful ways. You feel the flow again, you are in your power, even when life throws a little challenge your way You allow for integration time and for new potential to arise in divine timing. Tendency: We tend to receive support for a while and then fully own our power and move on. That is the phase where we either go for „YES, I want more of this!“ And continue the support, or „I need to have a break from all of this, and focus solely on my own heart’s guidance. I feel great to move on, thank you very much!“ Tip: Not much to say here, except keep up with your daily practices and celebrate! you know who you are in truth, so trust. Little fun secret: there is actually a 6th „phase“, but it is more of a step to be aware of:

  6. After a while, you’ll go back to 1. (This is said with pure love, so you can recognize you are well on track ❤️ ) AND: You are wiser this time, you have learnt from the previous experiences, and you know how to call in help and how to surf the waves of your awakening journey with more flow, ease and grace. I am curious: Which phase do you feel you are in right now?

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