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starting September 15th

A 4 weeks sacred journey into your power, sovereignty and flow. 
4 Live Calls with Teaching, Healing and Activation
Powerful tools for your journey
Meditations / Activations to download


Fully owning your powerful truth

online course

This is for you if you wish to release fear of being seen, speaking your truth, showing up for your next step, and owning who you truly are.
In this online course we will shift this old programming and activate to freely expressing yourself and your mission.


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Keeping your energy clear

online course

Are you picking up energy that is not yours?
In this class, I will teach you how to clear your energy from a place of unity, unconditional loving presence as opposed to protection (which never works, does it?)

birthing a new you

Birthing a New You!

5 week transformation - online

Step into a new version of yourself and create from a higher consciousness. Step into your full power, Self Love and the activation of your higher potential and expression!
This journey will easily and gracefully shift that which no longer serves into love, joy and wholeness.


more energy and vitality

More Energy and Vitality

online course

Shift your consciousness and allow Life force to flood your system. Learn simple yet powerful ways to easily access your body's self healing power and have more energy, vitality and flow.

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Get this beautiful recording from the course "Birthing a new YOU", and immerse yourself in a healing and activation transmission to fully step into self worth, realizing yourself as the divine being of love and light that you are! 
After purchase you will receive an email with the download link.
USD 33.-