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Your greatest contribution to a better world

If you are reading this, you know that you are here for more and you are here to contribute.

Wa are all here to help raise the consciousness on our planet, to create change, to usher in New Earth, or whatever name you use for this time of great awakening.

But we are not responsible for the outcome.

And the way we are of greatest contribution is to walk our talk.

It is WHO WE ARE that creates our reality and co-creates what the world looks like.

Wether you are aware of your soul calling or you are longing to remember your gifts, the most important thing you can do right now is to BE the change.

The frequency with which you show up in the world is what transmits to the world and feeds the field of collective consciousness.

It is who we embody - not from a "need to save the world", but from a consciousness of self love which ripples out into the world :-)

So get still for a moment, take a few deep breaths and ask your heart:

What do you want me to know so that I can be of the greatest contribution to myself and the world right now?

Simply stay in that awareness for a moment and feel into the energy, feeling, vision or knowing presenting itself.

Is it giving yourself permission to set some loving boundaries with your friends and family, and devote time for yourself and your daily practices that keep you grounded, vibrant and in flow?

Are you moving through a rebirth process where you are shedding a lot of your old ways of being, thinking and feeling, and you are called right now to simply be present and allow this healing and activation to emerge?

Or are you in a place where it is time to step up, share full heartedly and to commit to your leadership?

Is your heart asking you to release the conditioning that you have to do it all yourself (in particular if you are a healer, lightworker, coach or (single ;-) parent), and get yourself the support you wish for?

To allow yourself to receive help and all the love, healing and transformation that is here for you?

Whatever it is that arises for you, there is nothing more important than you being in your power, and embodying the consciousness of love, unity, compassion and peace.

Free from judgment to self and others.

Being expanding and grounded at the same time.

Finding the balance between sharing your gifts and moving through your own evolution.

Trusting the flow and your inner knowing.

Being the calm in the eye of the storm.

Being lovingly present in your body and with all that arises :-)

I wish to remind you to slow down, calm your nervous system and find stillness on a regular basis. That is the basis for hearing your higher guidance.

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