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How gratitude can shift your reality

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Life can simply be amazing!

All we have to do is notice....

What an amazing opportunity to love life, when my kid comes home asking: can I stay outdoors and play? For me, this is huge! Not askig for videos, sugar or any other distractions, but playing outside!

How grateful can I be that he sun is shining on this cold winter day? And how grateful could I be this morning, for the beautiful mist on the lake , gifting me with an amazing sight beyond imagination?

And, I am grateful for having had an hour for myself, to lay down, sleep a bit, and listen to a transmission/meditation in the middle of the day. If you have kids, you know what that means😘

Sometimes we just forget. We forget to see what an abundance of things happen every day, that we can be grateful for if we choose to.

Sometimes alll we have to do is decide to be grateful for all these amazing little experiences and synchronicities that show up in our daily lives.

I love gratitude lists, but to be honest, while a list alone is a great start to train yoruself to look at life from a different perspective, it will do only part of the job.

Start by FEELING gratitude, FEELING into what you are writing down, and opening your heart.

The heartfelt feeling of gratitude opens your heart and allows your brain and your heart to synchronize not only with each other, but also synchronizing your body functions like blood pressure, digestion, hormonal system etc, boosting your energy levels, wellbeing, clarity and inspiration!

According to scientific studies, when your heart and brain come into a state of so called coherence, you not only influence your own life and wellbeing, but also the people around you, and as studies suggest, the electromagnetic field of the earth. For more information check out

That is how simple it is to contribute to our health, wellbeing, our families, workspace and Mother Earth!

Feel free to download my free heart coherence meditation and enjoy it as often as you feel guided to, or integrate it into your daily practice. It is the consistency that makes the difference in our lives!

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