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Whales, Unity consciousness and New Earth

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

If you knew you were not only connected to all that is - which you are, spiritually and scientifically - but you also knew you were PART of the greater whole, an aspect of the expression of something greater which is pure love, source or whatever you want to call it...

Could you ever do anything that does not serve you AND the planet?

Could you ever put stuff on your skin that harms you and the environment?

Could you ever carelessly break plants, trees, a coral or throw plastic on a beach?

How would your actions align with who you are?

If we truly knew that we are an expression of source, alive, just like the oceans, the rivers, the forests, the mountains, the animals, the insects... just like Mother Gaia... and just like every other human being we love or judge in our illusion of separation....

Could we ever truly love anyone or anything and not love ourselves?

Could we ever love ourselves and not love all that is, our planet and all beings including other human beings, no matter how they appear to us?

Could we behave carelessly or judge?

If we truly knew, experienced, emobodied the love that we are - all we could do is to align our actions in love.

This is how our world will shift, our planet, our oceans, our co-creation.

I agree with my friend Glenn Edney ( - the oceans, the whales do not need us to "save" them, they need us to re-member our unity and our connection.

The whales are here to teach us unconditional love, and unity consciousness.

The whales are the keepers of wisdom, the guardians of knowledge, the connection to the divine expression and the galactic beings that we are.

This may sound out there, but is what I received in meditation, when I have been activated to ancient wisdom and knowing about my ocean connection throughout timelines and dimensions, and this activation is still unfolding.

I always knew I was connected in very special ways to dolphins and whales, but it wasn't until these activations and downloads started taking place that I started understanding my task in this.

No need to fight.for the whales, the oceans, the planet -fighting is separation consciousness, not unity consciousness.

Connect to who you truly are - which is all that is - , and your actions will align naturally

I do not say to not pick up trash or to use single use plastic. This is more than needed. We live on planet earth for a reason, and we are here to take action.

But take inspired action.

It is a difference wether you do it from love and from a sense of connection, or from judgement, anger and separation.

Intent is vibration, so are feelings and thoughts. As long as we stay in low frequency and the illusion of separation, the world will not shift!

So next time, instead of judging, send love. Remind yourself that you are part of every thing happening in your life. Remind yourself that your reality is a reflection of who you are.

Send love and re-align. Move into your heart, open your heart. Feel the connection to all that is.

Take inspired action from there, wether that is creating a project in your community or going for a beach cleanup with your family, making your own organic cosmetics, or sitting in meditation or go for a swim or walk.

All of that and all that you do from a state of high vibration and connection, unity consciousness, is contributing to our planet!

If you want to "save" the oceans, do this instead:

In meditation, visualize the New Earth, where the oceans are already pristine, with abundance and total harmony of all that lives in the oceans, healthy reefs, and all that comes to your mind. Imagine humanity living in harmony with Mother Earth, where we commune and communicate with the Earth, the animals, the oceans, where our agriculture blesses the Earth 10fold for what we take out, where we live in harmony, love and peace with all that is,

Move into unity consciousness.

It is a bit like reverse engineering. From that place, you will know exactly what action to take, and it will be inspired and aligned and the greatest contribution to our oceans, whales and Mother Earth.

We are one.

Sending you much love!

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