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Tipping point - will we evolve or go extinct?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

The world is in a huge transition phase. Some things can't be hidden any more, others are released on purpose to create fear. In fear we have narrow focus, loose overview - and are easy to control.

With all the turmoil and violence going on in the world right now, what is our role? Are we to go out and protest? Are we to share posts of horror to spread a message that we don't agree? Are we to sit at home and meditate and hold space?

It can be really hard on our awakening journey, when it comes to deciding wether to act and what action to take in the face of what is going on in the physical world.

I do believe deeply, that we all have different roles and that the "right" thing to do is found in our own hearts.

Here is my experience: each time I would try to solve a problem and felt judgement, disapproval or anything alike to the status quo, I would not be very powerful creator except for creating more of what I was in disapproval for.

Remember: what you put your focus on, in particular if feelings are involved), you will create more of!

When I release resistance and connect to who I truly am and to loving presence and pure acceptance, I would very rarely have to "do" much, and even if there was inspired action, it is easy, and my energy levels stay good.

As withIN so withOUT.

When you are watching and sharing all of the turmoil, the recent violence, or any stories, are you feeling relaxed, neutral and at ease? Or even deeply inspired with a divine spark? Because if not, be aware of where you are giving your power away, and what you are actually feeding your energy into.

Let me clarify : I am not saying that we should tolerate violence of any kind. I am saying though, that if we feel distortion from what is going on, and we put our focus on that and share/act/think from that place, we are co-creating exactly that which we do not want.

I am not saying to not take action either. I believe we will all be called into massive action in one way or the other.

But I am saying that this action is more likely to create what you wish for, if it comes form an inspired, light, and clear place, and neutrality, detached from the story, detached from the outcome.

So feel your frustration, fear, anger, and let it melt into (self) love. Then see if there is anything to share/do/consider.

So let's not get carried away by judgement, fear or hatred. Fear based consciousness created all of this.

Let's stand united! Not against something, but for LOVE.

Much love and blessings ❤️❤️❤️

If you wish support to focus on yourself now and work with the energetics behind self care and reclaiming your energy:

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