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Discernment in the midst of spiritual chaos

Have you noticed all the spiritual chaos out there?

"Feel your feelings, don't escape!" - "When feeling low, simply raise your vibration!" - "You are already whole, you just need to allow!" - "Face your shadow and heal your wounds!" - "Stop fixing, healing, solving and start creating!"

Inspiration. Reminders. Messages...

Their effect should not be to confuse you, but connect and ground you more into your truth, essence, love, freedom and inner knowing!

Do they?

What is YOUR truth?

What is YOUR highest guidance telling you in every moment?

I believe this chaos is here for us as a great opportunity to reclaim our power.

To ground into our true essence, fully connected with our soul blueprint of who we truly are.

To create our lives from our inner knowing and highest guidance aligned with the love, freedom and joy we want to experience.

And to let it ripple out as that unique, divine soul and heart aligned expression of why we are here in truth, our soul mission.

But all of that lies in YOUR inner knowing.

It is about YOUR soul's expression and divine coding.

YOUR unique gifts.

No-one, not the most well world famous channel, teacher or healer can walk that path for you.

Nor is it in your highest good to give your power away to anyone's message, mine included.

That is why I was called to create Coming Home to You - the YOU as ALL of who you are.

A sacred journey back into your soul aligned truth, expansion and knowing. And the power and sovereignty that comes from YOU.

I would be thrilled to have you on this exceptional live course. We are starting soon, September 15th.


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