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Step into more ease and flow in extraordinary times!

Step into more ease and re-align with your inner knowing!

Are you feeling far more tired, agitated, or easily triggered lately? Or even „moody“ for no apparent reason?

You might even have physical symptoms which you cannot really point your finger at, like sudden digestion issues, headaches, unusually dry eyes, or fatigue.

If so, know you are not alone!

We are going through massive shifts as a society and in our personal lives, wether we consciously perceive that or not. Wether you call that awakening or have another name, simply put the old way of being does not work any more, and the new way has not fully come into reality yet.

I like to compare it with moving your old house to the new place. In the phase of decluttering, packing up and cleaning it feels messy. And when you move in, it does not feel cozy and home yet: you are unpacking, decorating, cleaning…feeling into your new home first.

Well, right now, we are all kind of „moving our home“.

In this „in between space“, it feels literally chaotic.

Now more than ever, we are called to stay centered in alignment with our heart’s highest knowing.

It is about honoring ourselves and our heart’s knowing, in every baby step of the way.

I have noticed for instance, that I need far more time for myself, and not taking that time is not an option any more.

My morning practice has adapted in a way where I clear my energy more often before I actually start my practice. I needed to get aware of what my body and being needed beyond my beliefs of what is healthy and what not.

And I want to encourage you to do the same! Now it is more important than ever to take extra care of your body, your energy and vibration. It is more important than ever to keep your space and energy clear.

How can you honor yourself more right now?

You might need more rest than usual.

You might have an increased desire for „alone-time“ or for a really supportive conversation with someone who knows how to listen and just be there for you from an open heart.

You might feel that your body wants you to eat certain foods, to drink higher quality of water.

Whatever it is, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel your heart. Ask and feel / look / listen. Your heart knows the answer.

To support you on this journey of keeping aligned with your power and heart-knowing in times of change, I have a wonderful free meditation and light language transmission and song which will help you clear out the old and step into more ease, joy, flow and expansion. Light language works on a level beyond the rational mind. It is a transmission of high frequency, which clears out blocks and takes you to the next level of your expansion. All you need to do is listen and follow along with an open heart and mind. Download my free gift now.

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