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Showing up for awake leadership

You are feeling the calling to contribute to this great time of evolution of humanity in greater ways.

You know that a better world requires all of us to shift in consciousness and that you are here to show the way for others who are ready to be inspired.

You have experienced or a sense that there is something greater wanting to express through you.

You might have had mystical experiences, remembered past lives, awakened to your spiritual gifts, exploring your intuition and connection to source, god, the universe, nature, your higher self, your guides - or whatever name you like to use.

You have probably discovered that when tuning into the wisdom that comes through your heart, you make better decisions, experience more flow and far more ease.

You know who inspiration feels as opposed to having to figure it out.

But it is one thing to have had all these revelations and experiences, and another thing to show up for them, isn't it?

And if you have been in the corporate world and feeling the call to incorporate your awakened parts into your career, that all might be a bit of a stretch, as all these things are not really what most people talk about in work environments. You might have kept those parts of your secret, hoping nobody will ever know. Or simply not feeling safe to share.

I know what I am talking about. During the time when I worked with CEO's, leaders, executives and their teams from all over the world, I did kept my "science meets spirituality", my "energy healing" me and other parts of my heart's knowing separate from leadership development, stress reduction and burnout prevention and separate form all the conversations being held during the seminars I was facilitating. But guess what? I literally came close to a burnout. Not because the life situation I had maneuvered myself into (that was rather the wake up call), but because what was underneath: I did not show up and live up for my truth.

I did not follow my inner guiding light, my heart, my wisdom, my talent, my gifts, my knowing.

I did not follow my soul, until I experienced the dark night of my soul - the darkest times of my life.

Our soul / higher being / heart of hearts (or whatever name you use) wants us to fulfill our calling. Our bodies are the vessels through which our purpose manifests into the physical world.

If we don't listen, we do not feel fulfilled, and often we will experience physical symptoms.

Like I did. And I am grateful for it. Because now, I am standing here before you, wether you know me or not, sharing my wisdom, my gifts and my truth with the world.

I feel fulfilled, not empty any more, and my body feels vital and alive.

You are here for a reason, and that reason is to share who you are. Unapologetically. ALL. OF. YOU.

That does not mean that you have to shout your mystical experiences from the rooftops or tell your boss that his angel is floating by his right shoulder ;-)

But it does mean that you stand up for what your heart is calling for.

It is time to stand up for a better world dear fellow awake leaders, and share your unique contribution with the world.

Wether that is a huge leap or a small step, it is time.

What is it for you? A change in your career, a coming out with some people in your life, taking some time out to rest and dive deep into your inner guidance, taking that course you have been embarrassed to show up in, moving, changes in relationships? What is your next inspired action that will bring you into alignment with your true soul's longing and mission? And what inspired first step can you take today?

Know you are not alone, and the more you step into your true purpose, the more doors will open up. The more you embody your truth and walk the talk, the more like hearted people will come into your life.

It is time to stop hiding your awakening. You are a leader for a reason. You are here to contribute to the web of life, to a world of peace, connection, equity, abundance and freedom for all.

Now is the time.

We are at a tipping point of the evolution of humanity.

It is time to join the love revolution.

It is time to show up as the awake leader that you are. How are you aligning with your truth today? Let us know in the comments! Much love,


P.s. Coming home to you is a journey into the truth of you and a safe space to align, laying the foundation for new earth leaders, so you can hold your power, your center, your focus and your sovereignty, no matter what is going on in the world. Read more here


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