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✨Self care and consciousness ✨

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Care in 3rd dimensional consciousness is commitment and discipline, mainly to movement, food, rest, meditation, social support.

It is based on the paradigm of cause and effect.

It either lasts a short time, or it uses a lot of energy to get and keep the self discipline going.

Usually, it is triggered by a discontent, judgement or even hatred to the way our bodies function or look.

The results are usually anything between ok and mediocre, and usually get lost as soon as we stop the self discipline, or, as it seems, "something happens" which stops us from going on.

Self Care in 5th dimensional consciousness on the other hand, is commitment to flow, joy, love, grace and ease, resulting in a huge vibrational shift which in turn allows your Life Force to flood your system.

It is based on the knowing that you are worthy, lovable and enough.

Self Care in 5D is "triggered" by self love, self awareness, self acceptance, the readiness to receive and love all of who you are. It is based in love.

From that place, you naturally listen to our body, our intuition and guidance. Movement, meditation, healthy nutrition, rest and whatever your body and being need, will come easily and joyfully, lighting you up.

Self Care in 5D is embodying a higher frequency that allows more life force to flow through! As a result, we consistently feel more energized, vibrant and alive, we experience much more flow, inspiration and clarity.

IF you want to move to 5th dimensional self care, and experience a new sense of vibrancy, aliveness and clarity, I am offering an amazing program.

At them moment, I am running it live starting on May 26th 2020. But wether you are participating live or not, you will get the same benefit, so go ahead and check out the free preview!

✨✨✨ Reclaim your power now! ✨✨

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