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Clearing your energy part 2

Do you know one of these scenarios? 1. You just went to get groceries, and as you come out from the shops, your energy level has dropped, or you feel agitated? 2. You can't be around too many people, and if you do you afterwards you don't feel like yourself? 3. You go to sleep and see all of these strange images / faces / creatures in your inner eye?

The list goes on. Well, chances are you are picking up energy which is not yours. I shared in an earlier post a short invocation to reset our energy, but today I want to talk about why clearing our energy often does not work, and how it does. You see, most of us have tried to clear energy with the idea to get rid of if, because it feels so unbelievably uncomfortablet. You might think "of course! I don't want that energy!" The problem is that if you do so, you are coming from resistance and separation. What you resist persists. And believe me, I have years of experience in that :-) Now how do we come from a higher consciousness without taking it in? By aligning with our truth, our power, our sovereignty. It means remembering who we are and coming from that space of unconditional love and presence. From that space of consciousness and love, we choose, we claim, we command. It is a process I have refined over the years. I have seen miracles happening when clearing energy in that way, in my life, my family and the beautiful souls who chose to work with me (aka clients). From fatigue leaving, to sickness disappearing, to emotional desperation turning into calm within minutes, to becoming clear and calm, all the way to having more energy, vitality and wellbeing. If you wish to learn this process including bonuses like a short meditation to use whenever it suits you, plus receive a huge "clearing" from the space of alchemy of pure love, join my Masterclass KEEPING YOUR ENEREGY CLEAR now!

Love and light, Natasa


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