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Reclaiming your power

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

What would it feel like to have the energy to create all of your dreams? To be fully present with your children when you are with them? To love your body exactly as it is, feeling all of your cells overflowing with life force? to feel resourceful and free to create ALL of what is already in store for you?

When I was ill and drained, looking for the root cause, I realized that I was not living up to my life purpose.

But I had only a vague idea of what that was. And so, I decided to follow the bread crumbs. All I knew was that I wanted to travel to be more at the ocean. So I set out to travel. Just me and my 3 year old. But my energy levels were to low, and so I got sick again, and had to give up. Instead of traveling Europe and the Adriatic, I ended up in our house in Croatia. It was beautiful, but I felt as if I could not live my dreams, I had no money, no energy. No energy to even think of making money.

BUT, I had decided to follow my heart, more than anything else. My heart lead me and I started listening. It lead me on an awakening journey, and I followed.

I learnt to embrace all of myself, whit the depletion and physical symptoms. I learn to trust my my heart and my perception. I learnt to embrace my imperfection as the perfection it already is (ok, still working on that 😘) I learnt to shift my consciousness. I learnt to let go, allow, open and expand my heart. I learnt to love myself.

And my health changed. My energy levels raised, my immune system strengthened. In the following years I travelled to many countries and continents, around the world with my beautiful child. Yes, alone. Yes, it takes energy, but I had it, and every year I had more.

I embarked on a journey of remembering my spiritual gifts, and my connection to the ocean.

But most of all, I embarked on a journey to freedom. And that freedom, the freedom to create my life from a place of full power, pure energy and connection is what I want to share with you.

For that, I am taking you through the most important steps of reclaiming your power and allowing Life Force to fill you up, connection you to your own divine guidance and flow.

Are you joining me for a journey of high vibrational clearing, heart opening and shifting consciousness? Are you ready to experience yourself as the vibrant, joyful, energetic being that you already are?

Take a moment, breathe and drop into your heart. Is that your YES!? Then, join me here!

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