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Powerful practice to bring you back to peace

Overwhelm does not come form the heart!

As many people seem to feel overwhelm with what is going on, I felt guided to post a reminder of how powerful you are. You literally create your reality through your perception, your thoughts, feelings and emotions and the state of consciousness you are choosing to be in in every particular moment in time. There are simple yet powerful ways to choose to live in a far happier, more peaceful, present and grounded state of being, and to create the reality you want to experience. And today, we will look at your heart.  The forgotten power of your heart To say it upfront: overwhelm never stems from the heart.  Not many people know that your heart is where you can access the power within to literally shift your reality into a far more expanded, joyful, loving, abundant, peaceful and free experience. Your heart actually processes information and sends it to the brain, and itInfluences your brain and thus bodily functions in great ways. Your heart is emitting the strongest electromagnetic field of your entire body, and that field can be measured several feet outside your physical body.  Your heart’s electromagnetic field also influences the field and state of being of others around you, which has been shown repeatedly.

But more than that. Your field carries information created by the thoughts, feelings and emotions you choose to have (or are not conscious of). As a result of your heart sending that information out, your whole body starts aligning with this field, and so does the reality you experience. As within, so without. That is an explanation of what is playing out in the physical reality, when we say "your vibration creates your reality." Your heart is where you can access the power within by choice! What if you consciously chose the information you heart is sending out? Simply by consistently choosing and feeling love, compassion, gratitude, peace, care, joy you can shift your experience and what reality is mirrored back to you.

How amazing is that? And that is only the beginning, your heart is far more than that, but for now, let's focus on how you can use this knowledge. A powerful practice The following exercise can be used as a morning practice and as a regular practice throughout the day, in particular as you feel overwhelm, stress or any other feeling taking you out of alignment.

If you are in overwhelm, it is an amazing and powerful tool to re-center. 

  • Stop. 

  • Take a few deep breaths. Relax your body. 

  • Get present. 

  • Feel into your heart. Just simple pure awareness in your heart. Notice whatever you notice. 

  • Stay present with that, free of the story behind the feeling or sensation. Just simply be with it in loving presence.

  • Breathe as if breathing through your heart. 

  • When the sensations shift, allow the new sensations in... maybe even a feeling of love, joy, happiness? Allow it in! Make it bigger by feeling it fully. Expand that feeling. 

  • If that is difficult, just remember or imagine something which makes you feel grateful, loving, joyful or happy. See it, hear it, FEEL IT!

  • Stay in that state for at least 3 minutes. 

  • Then take a deep breath and come back into your body and the space you are in.

This simple heart coherence practice has far more benefits than just taking you out of overwhelm. 

This practice alone, if you do it consistently throughout the day, will support you in ways you cannot even dream of. And that is just the start of a wonderful journey! 💕 If you wish support to fully step into your power, reach out to me on I have many ways to support you, and I am thrilled to connect with you! For more information about research of your heart, check out the  Heartmath Institute .

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