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How to have more flow and inspiration

These days when you feel frustrated, distracted, or simply out of tune...

when nothing gets done and you get even more frustrated because it seems like you are not capable to get through the day the way you wish to....

As leaders we have been conditioned to push through, instead of learning how to activate our higher potential.

Our higher potential does not come from fighting. Flow and inspiration cannot be pushed or forced.

But you can create the right conditions for flow and inspiration.

And even though it seems counter-productive, these conditions have to do with letting go, and resetting your system.

Remember these times when you were stuck with decisions or solutions, you went for a walk in the forest, took some distance, and boom! Without thinking about it (! hint ;-) , there was the answer?

Inspiration can't come when you are trying to figure it out. Our conscious mind is too linear for our true potential.

So let the sunshine in and relax.

Drink a glass of water. Get out to nature and replenish. Take an epson salt bath. Take a nap or go to sleep early. Walk barefoot. Have fun.

Get these negative ions back into your system, allow your heart to create coherence in your body, and recharge your energy sytem.

Fill your cup and let it overflow.

I promise you, from an inspired joyful energized state, inspiration will come in.

Allow inspired action to lead you to the next best step, where things happen in flow and from synchronicity.

And you might even notice that magically, some things have taken care of themselves.

You can lead from overwhelm or from overflow.

Which one do you choose?


P.s. that the world will stop turning if you take a break now - is simply a story, that you can change anytime.

If you wish to step into more of your true potential and soul calling from more ease and grace, schedule a empowerment exploration call here:

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I am looking forward to connecting with you!


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