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Learn to dance in the storm as the warrior of the heart - fill your cup first!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

These days, I am taking time to "fill my cup" as much as I can, while - actually because - I am experiencing a storm in my life.

A very closed loved one of mine is going through a deep crisis, and I am doing most of the family support. Our relationship was difficult, and based on many misunderstandings and a lot of (ego) hurt.

If I still functioned from my old programming, I would be laying on the floor and crying my eyes out, worrying, feeling desperate and at the same time angry and overwhelmed. Or I would be escaping my emotions, distracting myself from the truth of my own feelings.

Instead, I am feeling immensely grateful, calm, centered and clear.

As a result of consistently re-aligning, radical self care, opening my heart and speaking my highest truth fully from a place of love, this storm has brought healing for myself, our relationship and other relationships in our family in such deep ways, that I do not find words to describe. My heart is overflowing from gratitude and I know that all of this is happening in divine timing and for a reason.

When we start seeing through the illusion of what we call reality, we are able see the "challenges" of our life as a gift to evolve and expand. When we accept the divine synchronicity in where we are right now, we can literally shift to being full of gratitude, joy and calm in the midst of the storm.

And when we have an "off" day, we know how to take care of ourselves, move through the shift, and re-align again. 

What it takes is radical self love.

It takes the clear commitment to consistently align and choose your heart's wisdom over the doubts of your rational mind. It takes firmly choosing to see your "challenges" as opportunities to evolve, no matter what your mind and everyone around is telling you. It takes consistently raising your vibration, moment to moment, day by day.

That is what I call living as the warrior of the heart.

Choose your thoughts, your beliefs, your focus wisely. They create your reality. Do they mirror the highest vision of who you want to be?

Choose the people you share with, the conversations you are having and the stories you are telling. Do they uplift you? Are they aligned with who you choose to be?

Do the things you are spending most of your daily time with bring you joy? How can you en-joy more?

What do you focus on most of the time? Is it bringing a smile on your face? Where focus goes, energy flows.

Align with your highest version, now and consistently.

Often it is the seemingly little things that have great impact, when we do them consistently and regularly.

Filling your cup is not an ego trip, it is an expression of living from the heart. When living from your heart, you open up to your highest wisdom, connection and guidance. You open up to your purpose and your soul's calling.

Living from your heart also means filing your cup first, so you can shine your light for yourself and those around you, and powerfully assist them by being who you are.

You will not only bring light into the lives of others, your own life will expand in ways you can not even imagine. The amount of guidance, gratitude, support, freedom, love, vitality that is there for us is infinite, when we step into self love and conscious creation.

Self Love is not an option, beautiful souls!

You are a powerful infinite, divine creator. Own it!

Are you ready to learn to dance in the storm? 

Let's schedule a chat and find out how I can best assist you! 

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