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Leadership in the new paradigm

Updated: May 2

As humanity is reaching its tipping point, we know that there is not way around for all of us to make a huge shift in the way we lead and live.

The old paradigm, which we have all been conditioned into is neither sustainable nor will we survive as a species. Scientists from all over the world give humanity another 3-4 decades to self extinction, should we not change the direction in which we are headed now.

But what is the new paradigm and how does it differ from what we know now?

We know that if we continue in the old paradigm, we have a few more decades to go.

Let's look at the underlying values which are creating this misalignment

In over 2 decades of being a leadership development coach working with leaders from all over the world, there was one thing that repeatedly happened when we would look at leadership values.

No matter what country the executives came from, what they shared first, was that authentic belief of leadership values they loved and wanted to live: authenticity, purpose, empathy, trust, transparency, honesty, integrity, walking the talk ....

Rather towards the end of the session someone would mention the highest value that leaders are taught all over the world: performance excellence.

What sounds like success and greatness uncovers another truth though when we look deeper: It is obvious that in the face of performance excellence being the highest value, all other values have to vanish in case they collide with performance excellence.

Which they do on a regular basis, and every leader knows that. (No judgement, simply investigate: How many times did you sacrifice authenticity and transparency when you were told to keep information secret from your team? How many times did you push your employees beyond their capacity and healthy boundaries because you had to deliver?) There is no judgement, it is simply the way things work in the old paradigm, otherwise it is impossible to run a business. Or at least that is what we have been taught.

And yet, is it? Of course, you will think, we need to ex-cel (the other). How would we run our businesses, how would we thrive in a competitive world? We need to push through to be able to perform, even if it costs our health...

While that might or might not be true, there is a scientifically well documented fact: as long as we continue this program, we will destroy ourselves and our planet in the next 3-6 decades. For many of us, during our lifetimes or that of our children. I do not know about you, but for me that is not an option.

But how can we change?

Let's go to the root.

Here is what is underlying all of the misalignment, and I am inviting you to look a bit deeper investigating 2 beliefs that we have all been programmed with:

The belief in scarcity (there are not enough resources on our planet and the fittest will survive), and the belief that we are separate from each other.

Truth is, there is no scarcity on our planet, there is enough food to feed each and every mouth on our planet, including the growing numbers of souls who are incarnating daily - unless we continue to destroy our soil and the rest of our planet.

There is no separation either. We know today through scientific evidence, that we are all connected beyond what we can comprehend. We are literally entangled, one with each other and one with our planet (and the cosmos - did you know you are stardust?).

Continuing the paradigm of separation feeds competition, but as long as competition is the paradigm we live by, we can't but self destruct long term - individually, as we deplete our personal resources and collectively as a species, as we deplete the resources of our beautiful planet.

(And no, if we do not shift gears, it will not do better on Mars). I know that is a deep paradigm shift to beleive that we can thrive in a world of coopertation, that there is enough for everyone and that we can live in harmony each other and with our planet.

But if we wish to survive as a species, it is time for that shift in consciousness. We need to allow our heart to lead the way, not our conditioned, programmed mind.

It is time to break through from control and manipulation on all levels, and lead the way into a new future.

The path to being a conscious and awake leader of the new paradigm.

If we want to live, to love, to lead from our heart as opposed to our programmed beliefs in lack and limitation, we need to deconstruct the old programming and embody what we know deep inside.

A shift in consciousness into a new way of living and leading starts with each and every one of us.

It takes courage to shift gears.

But that is the hero's journey of evey true leader.

The hero goes out of the comfort zone, experiences new territorry that nobody has ever experienced, goes through deep transformation, the ego dies, and he / she comes back as a master, a teacher, a leader of the new paradigm, ready to share his or her gifts.

Are you ready to be the leader that you truly came here to be?

Yes, it takes courage. Your life might change. But you will be sleeping soundly, knowing that you are expressing that which your heart and soul is calling you into.

What if you replaced performance excellence with purposeful expression?

What if your purposeful expression is your highest contribution to the web of life?

How much flow and fulfillment would you experience?

If you would love to learn more, let's have a conversation - no obligation, no sales call. I listen, share what is possible and we explore how I can support you. You choose.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!


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