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Crossroads or how to make important choices in alignment with your soul

If this title sparks your curiosity, you might be in front of a crossroad decision.

I am talking about the big choices. The ones that will impact our lives truly.

Like "Should I stay or should I go?" "Shall I truly leave it all behind and start anew?" "What if I take that leap of faith?"

The ones that nobody can give you an answer to, because you have to find it within.

I will not tell you how to decide either nor could I. Because this is your journey. But I will give you some of my experience about making those life decisions. Take what you wish, leave the rest. So here we go:

1. There is a divine law of timing

Finding the balance between allowing for the timing to be right - ideally the choice to be crystal clear - and moving forward. You alone know wether you are pushing the action you know to be your next step away, or wether it takes a bit more time and gestation for the decision to be born.

2. Clear energy

When we take on other people's energy, it is hardly possible to make a clear decision. I sit down and clear my energy using my gifts. For me, that is energy work, movement, invocations and Ocean Light Language. For you it might be something else, or you might get support.

3. Tuning into highest knowing

The answer is almost never to be found in the mind (alone). My heart however, connects me to my highest guidance.

Getting still and tuning into the wisdom of my heart, my highest self.

Sharing 3 questions here: - What is it that I really want?

- What am I afraid of? - What do you (my heart, highest self, source..) want me to know?

Following the answers, the next steps are defined.

Maybe it is healing conditioning and fear.

Maybe it is finding out some more Information about what I am deciding about (yes, this is the task for the mind :-)

Sometimes it is good to check the details very well. Maybe the action per se is aligned but not in that way. For instance, you might want to check a contract in detail - maybe there is something to adjust, talk over or change?

5. Tune in for alignment

When all is clear, I check with my highest self again.

Yes, it might still take courage once your decision is clear. But that is another story and shall be shared another time.

If you are living in 2022, chances are you have a few really important decisions to make about your life.

For me, there was never a more important time to clearly connect with my pure divine presence, the part of me that knows the answers, guides me, connects me and has my highest blueprint for life and my soul mission.

If you wish to go deeper in this with me, registration is open for Coming Home to You And if you register before August 30th, 2022, you even get a special bonus in form of a 1:1. I am looking forward to seeing you on the program!

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