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It is time for something greater

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

✨Coaches, healers, leaders, wayshowers, lightworkers, awake parents and all those with a mission in your heart ✨

It is time for something greater! It is time to accept what we have been avoiding subconsciously.

Some of you might know that I was a leadership development facilitator and coach for many years, working with leaders from all over the world.

I was making good money, but honestly, it felt empty. I could see the misalignment of the old paradigm, and I was not home.

I wanted to go deep.

To shake them and ask: "What are your dreams? Is this truly your most fulfilled life? Is this what lights you up?"

To contribute to the web of all life, to the people I was working with, not to companies that live on the planet's or other people's expense.

So when I moved to my heart's alignment I let the corporate go.

But when I connected to my highest guidance and asked "what am I here to do? What is my highest contribution here on Earth" I would get messages connected to (you guessed it) - LEADERSHIP.

"You are here to lead the leaders." WHAT? "You are a leader of leaders." It kept coming through over and over again.

First I went: NO WAY!, because I connected it to the corporate world that I so wanted to exclude. (You get it, exclusion is not the path to wholeness 😘)

When I healed those wounds, and noticed it was about leadership in the new paradigm.

But then, my small self started showing up "What, me? Who am I to.....?"

And on and on it went, all the way to self love and worthiness, the core of the core.

It took some work, yes.

It took a while to surrender and find trust, and to find clarity.

And as I kept releasing my old programming and asking for crystal clear knowing, one day I literally woke up and I knew.

I am here to help you step into your leadership - wether you realize you are a New Earth Leader or not. Wether that is in your family or on a world stage.

Because that is why you incarnated here (yes, if you read this far, I am talking to you) . You are awake for a reason. This is about something far greater, and here is how I can support it.

✨I am here to help you live, love and lead in pure alignment with your true heart's calling, and share your mission with the world. ✨


✨ By stepping into your power.

✨ By releasing old conditioning, wounds, trauma, stress, patterns, beliefs - in short - programming holding you back.

✨ By fully stepping into love and compassion

✨ By reclaiming your gifts and owning your truth

✨ By learning to live and lead from flow, with love, ease, grace, calm and peace.

✨ By living from heart power

✨By embodying your true nature, your true essence and bring the light right here into your physical existence.✨

This is not about you or me any more. It is not about your business or my business any more.

✨This is about us as humanity coming together and being our highest contribution to the web of life. ✨

You are a New Earth Leader. And it is time to step up and shine brightly and fearlessly.

If this speaks to you, let's chat and explore how I can support you. No sales call, simply true honest exploration.

Sending you blessings, love, peace and joy.

Much love,




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