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Are you honoring your soul's calling?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Follow your heart

Many people are awakening to their gifts, their calling, their passion, their creative power.

When that happens, many times what is being shown to us is beyond what are rational minds can comprehend. But the emotions are so strong, that we cannot deny the experience.

The pull, the longing, the inner knowing is there and won't let us go.

Our heart speaks a strong language. It cannot be fooled. Your whole being, your soul, your higher self speaks to you through your heart and your emotions.

Today, I was guided to do a sacred ceremony for the oceans. I did not think of how to do it. It just came through. It literally all happened through me. The whole experience was so intense, that I started crying from processing all of that energy.

When I finished, I heard myself speak. Actually, I was spoken: "This is me."

And I knew, that what I had experienced was part of why I came here to be.

Now that makes zero sense to the mind.

But it does not matter.

And when I allow myself to look back, all these experiences I had with the ocean lead up to this moment. And I am excited to see where it will take me from here!

I started healing when I opened my heart and started accessing more of who I am.

And this journey took and is still taking me to "places" of love, healing, expansion, abundance, joy, vibrancy and freedom.

So if you experience that following your heart does not make sense, stop trying to rationalize or even think about it.

Stop asking questions.

Trust the process.

Follow your Heart! ❤️

Honor your soul's calling! Go with the flow and consistently choose your highest vibration!

That is where true healing happens.

What about you? Do you have a deep longing? Something your heart is calling you to do, yet there is always a reason to procrastinate, to not fully follow it wholeheartedly?

If you wish support to release your blocks and fully step into your divine purpose, your soul's calling, your highest expression, I have a great offer for you:

Let's have a free discovery call now and chat about your dreams and wishes and how I can best support you!

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