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Declaring my truth of ocean spirit

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

I am sitting at one of the most beautiful places on our amazing planet Earth, looking at Mother Ocean, watching her waves come and go in the rhythm of life’s flow.

This is truly one of the places dearest to my heart, feeling the power of the lava rocks, their transmutative power and energy, while melting into the divine feminine and flow of Mother Ocean.

Tears of gratitude are running down my face as I receive her messages and what she wants me to share and teach.

Everyone who really knows me, knows how connected I am to the ocean..

And today after years of feeling the longing to be near the ocean, I suddenly just knew that all the years of travel and experiences in, on, at and with the ocean served a higher purpose, teaching me some of the greatest lessons and embodying her, who I came here to be.

The ocean has taught me to follow my heart and love my life. She has taught me flow, respect, patience, clarity and gratitude. She helped me cleanse and heal, open my heart, find joy and purpose, she showed me how to dive deep and let go, and how to access my inner knowing and trust. She taught me unconditional presence as well as unconditional respect of her will.

Most of all she has taught me to remember the power that resides within me and each one of us!

Mother Ocean can truly teach us all of that and more, and she has been my mentor for years.

The time has come for me to speak my truth, to share her wisdom in divine service - which for me means following my heart’s knowing and purpose.

The ocean can teach us how to access divine flow, full presence and living our hearts desires and soul purpose from a place ofinner knowing and power.

And I am excited to share all of that and more!

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Sending you lots of love, joy and blessings from magical Honaunau Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii 🌺 🐬🐳🌈

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