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Are you afraid of your power?

Did you know that one of the biggest fears of us human beings is the fear of our own greatness and power?

Before I knew anything about this, I have experienced that myself. It was a few years back, during a shiatsu session.

While the beautiful practitioner supported me through a healing experience, I suddenly, for the first time in my life, had the experience of the light that I am. It was the most powerful light I had ever seen.

In that very moment, my chest closed, and I could hardly breathe. I told her I feel like close to a panic attack (even though I had never experienced that and I do not suffer from anxiety at all), she said "yes, you are afraid of your own power" and supported me to move through and integrate the new experience.

As we talked about it, I learnt that this is a common fear and later I learnt that it is one of our greatest fears, apart from the fear of dying.

Isn't that remarkable?

But what is even more interesting to me is that we all come across that in one way or the other during our awakening, because awakening is nothing else than re-membering, realizing, embodying the true power of who we are.

The light. The love. The powerful creator being of our own reality.

That can be overwhelming, because we cannot even imagine how powerful we are.

Just like the May Ocean Light Transmission started: "You are so powerful You cannot imagine how powerful you are."

Yet, if we want to connect to our inner guidance, if we want to live from our heart, if we want to consciously create our reality, we have to dare to stand in the power of who we truly are.

What in the beginning may start as fear, will evolve into pure joy.

Because on the other end of that journey is the liberation of simply being YOU!

Speaking your truth, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what others might think or say, no matter wether they experience you as crazy, woowoo, too much..

Simply being you.

Imagine yourself in that feeling of deeply knowing who you are, without having to convince anyone, explain yourself, compare yourself, feel you have to be more perfect or do another course to feel enough.

Simply being you with every fiber of your being, fully in your power which emanates from your beings so words are not even necessary.

Being and feeling whole in who you are.

Would that be amazing? So much energy can be freed when we are owning our truth.

But it takes a decision. The decision to say YES to fully stepping into your power.

Take a deep breath and feel into your heart: are you ready to be ready?

If this speaks to your heart, I am inviting you to join me on June 4th and June 10th for 2 powerful healing and activation calls and more., called

for leaders and wayshowers with a heart-led mission, no matter how big or small it might appear✨

> Learn how I stepped onto owning my power and truth and what benefits I experienced so you can use that for yourself

> release, heal and integrate what is holding you back from speaking your truth and expressing all of who you are freely

> receive powerful activations for owning your power and who you are

> get support in between the sessions and learn how to support yourself beyond that

Not sure you are a leader? If you read this far, I am talking toyou.

You feel you have more to share with your community or the world, or you have a vision in your heart which keeps knocking at your door, and you are ready to make it reality.

Listen in, drop into your heart, if it is a YES, join me.

I am excited to co-create with you and lead you through this powerful course!

Sending you ocean waves of love,


P.s. the ocean taught me the power of trusting my heart. When we stand in that truth of what our heart desires, our visions will come true in ways we cannot even imagine!

Are you ready to own the vision in your heart? Join us and own YOUR powerful truth!


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