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How my mess became my message and a gift for you!

It all started when I realized that even though I was authentically sharing my truth, it felt scattered to me, not really clear in the core of what I am here to share.

I knew deep within that I could contribute far more, and I went on an inner journey to find my crystal clear message and show up more fully.

And what I found struck me.

As I listened to my heart and my higher wisdom, the first part of the journey unravelled relatively easily:

I was here to support those who feel a deep longing in their heart to find and LIVE their greater purpose with ease, vibrancy and flow.

I thought ok, clear enough. Let’s go then.

But then I received the „how“, and my turmoil started. OMG! Me? No no no, wait a minute!

Awakening your greater purpose through Heart activations?

Through Light language and sound? ME?…But…yes, yes, I know how powerful it is, but it is going to scare people away!

I need to share that openly NOW?


For the first time in my life, I suddenly felt panic about showing up for who I am! It was a fear very deep and very hidden to my conscious mind, and there was no way around but facing it!

There I was, and it literally hit me when I received the clear knowing that I did not get gifted with my spiritual gifts, in particular with bringing through these high vibrational energies through light language and sound, in order to keep them for myself. I received the reminder that it was not about me and my fears any more. It was about my contribution as part of humanity, as part of Mother Earth, and as part of all that is.

And what an exquisit opportunity to let go of old, very old hidden frequencies that was!

It is about that which flows through me in that moment, and that is divine expression of high frequency made physical.

I am here to share these gifts.

As a celebration of going through this process, I am gifting with you a recording of light light language which was flowing through me when I was on the sea on an island in Croatia, which shifted my frequency from confusion and density to joy, clarity and ease.

It is a gift from my heart to yours, a reminder for my commitment to show up for who I came here to be, and an inspiration for who you came here to be.

You can download it HERE!

Make sure you have a space to get still and be undisturbed and enjoy! After the transmission, please make sure you drink some extra glasses of water throughout the day and give yourself rest if you need to.

Let me know how you experienced int!

Much love and thank you for joining me in this expansion! Natasa

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