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Channeling the Whales


Hi beautiful souls, I have just spontaneously received a channeling message from the whales which made me cry and touched my heart deeply. I am sharing for those who resonate:

"Your power.

Your power is in beingness.

Your power is in calm. Your power is in peace.

Your power is in neutrality.

When you're fully centered in your body and your calm, in your expansion, in your love, in your peace, your peacefulness, and you create peace within - that is your power.

Then, you're gliding through the waters of creation, fully being part of this creation.

You are not separate. You are one with the ocean. You are one with all that is.

You have to become the ocean. You have to become the ocean.

By being you.

Yes, we are these peaceful beings, swimming through the vast oceans of the earth.

We are the keepers of wisdom.

We are the peacemakers through our voices.

The whole range of creation flows through us.

We don't judge.

You've been fishing us you've been killing us.

We don't judge.

We are patient, waiting for you to transition into the higher state of consciousness that we are holding for you.

It might seem crazy, senseless, insane from a point of view that is dualistic.

Why wouldn't we defend ourselves?

And sometimes we do. But our spirit is calm, our spirit is peace, our spirit is here.

Our spirit is love, peace.

Yet from a higher dimensional consciousness, we have decided to come here and to path the way forward - to path the way forward for you to ascend to awaken.

We know that the only way to create peace is to be peace.

So we're holding space.

We are singing.

Creating frequency through our voices.

Through our songs, through our clicks, purifying the very fabric you are made from, the earth is made from, creation is made from.

The ocean is where life has come forth, and your planet.

Even though it is not the only form of life.

But it does carry creation, the signature of creatrix of life.

That which is life giving is the water. That's why we live in the water.

You do not need to make peace with us through guilt or shame. It won't save a whale.

You're only creating more of it.

Stop shaming each other. Even the whalers.

Even the whalers!

Hear us out!


If you want to help us create a better world. If you want to create a world of peace and harmony and joy, your hearts need to be pure, free from grudge, grief, judgment.

Some of you feel called to fight for the oceans, and that is okay.

Just remember, whatever you do, whatever your role, purify your hearts.

Whatever you do, do it from love, not against someone else.

We are wayshowers for you.

When we humpback whales give birth to a calf, you're touched. Deeply touched. Your hearts open.

And you feel our presence.

You get softer.

You're in awe.

You can feel our vibration. You can feel our frequency.

That's what we're here for. To remind you of your own peace and love and gentleness and power.

Your power lies in your heart.

Your power lies in your heart.

If you want to help the oceans, come together. Come together in sacred co creation, come together from love.

Sure, clean the beaches. Sure, refrain from using plastic Sure, change the way you live.

But come from love.

Do not underestimate the power of an amplified energy that comes from a group, from many of you joining singing, loving, dancing, sharing the love. Sharing your highest frequencies and creating a much larger field of love!

You can join in with our frequencies.

You can join in and connect water and land in miraculous ways

Because deep in your hearts you feel that we are all one from the smallest and to the greatest whale, including the plant kingdom and humanity.

We are not separate, and you are not separate, we are all one.


Remember love, and you remember who you are!

We are here. We are here for you.

We are here with you.

We love you.

We love you.

We love you."

In joy and gratitude for being a vessel for this transmission, Natasa

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