Do you feel like there is more in store for you, but you haven't been able to access it?
Are you working hard to finally heal?

Do you find yourself in struggle and overwhelm from all that is going on around you?


It is time to let it all go and step into the power of who you truly are! And yes, YOU CAN!


It is time to step into more joy, love, ease, flow, freedom and abundance!

Can you have it all? Yes, you can!

We are vibrational beings. What we emit, is being mirrored back to us. If you change your frequency, you change your life! It is actually that simple. 

But changing your frequency doesn't happen through working harder, trying to think positively and faking it until you make it. It is not about digging in your past and finding every unhealed aspect of you either, nor is it about escaping and suppressing your feelings.

It is about a change of consciousness. It is about love. It is about awakening to self love and living from and in your heart.

Learn to let go. Unlearn your social programming and step into your true power! Love yourself unconditionally and embrace all of who you are. Follow your heart.


No matter what you are struggling with, or how bad you feel, you are an amazing being, powerful beyond what you could imagine! That is your true nature, it is time to allow it in.

It is my mission to support women in their awakening, to discover who they truly are and to step into their full power and potential, wether your "entry point" is your health, your finances, your relationships, unresolved emotions or the wish to evolve into your full potential.

work with those who are ready to receive the greatness of who they came here to be, and who are ready to commit to themselves and start living in and from their heart.

Are you ready to step into a life full of joy, freedom and pure love?

I am happy to assist you in your journey!


Lots of love,


About me

Hi, my Name is Natasa Stojanovic.

Throughout my life there was one question that stayed with me through all the stages of my life, inspiring me and giving me power to move through all the challenges I was facing:

What is true Healing and how does it happen? 


I studied different fields like Coaching, Energy Psychology and particular Healing Modalities, in addition to learning intensely about Nutrition, Quantum Physics, Neuropsychoimmunology and Epigenetics. I worked as a life and business coach for over 20 years, with thousands of clients.

But my quest for truth and my own health challenges invited me to embark on a long and intense healing journey myself, in order to truly embody what I was about to teach. 

A journey into accessing my own power, embodying all of who I am and learning to live my life more fully. A journey into love.

While this journey is expanding ever since, it lights me up to share and support others to step into their power and into all of who they truly are!

Let me assist you. Not as your guru, but as a co-creator.

Receive this gift from my heart to yours and enjoy this meditation designed to support you to move into a state of heart brain coherence, more harmony, self healing, energy and peace.

Free Heart Coherence Meditation

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