Awakening the power of YOU... activating your heart

There is this voice in your heart...

It is telling you about your birthright.

The birthright to live your most magical, vibrant and meaningful life.

Your heart is calling you to align with your true essence and reclaim your power.

It is calling you to live your greater calling now with grace, ease and flow!

What is your heart longing for?

What is the greater vision you don't dare to fully live?

What are your gifts waiting to be awakened?

Here is the secret: What you are looking for literally starts in your heart.

Your heart, once activated, acts like a doorway to all of who you are and came here to be.

It is a doorway to your highest wisdom, your multidimensional awareness, your inspiration, healing, energy, passion, purpose and joy.

Can you imagine to walk through the

portal of your heart and 

awaken to purpose, vitality and freedom?​​

Let us dive in together and discover YOU! 


Hi I am Natasa Stojanovic, a transformational business and life coach, energy healing expert and awakening facilitator.

I help you to

Activate and open your heart - so you may access all of who you are, your unique gifts, your innate wisdom and your true power. 


Transmute what no longer serves - release limiting beliefs, old programming and whatever else is holding you back. 


Align with your true essence - bring the highest expression of who you came here to be into your life and the world.

I have a unique way of bridging dimensions - I use my intuitive coaching skills together with my spiritual gifts of light language, sound and energy healing, creating a powerful space of integration.

In a grounded way I support you in discovering your own truth of who you came here to be and accessing pure life force to consciously create and embody your most magnificent life.


Exploring more

Personal sessions & Mentorship

Working with me in person either in 1:1 mentorship or in private sessions. 

Courses and Programs

Group events, live courses and programs to support your highest expression of love, joy, vitality, freedom and abundance.

Free resources

Looking for free content, a community of like minded people, helpful videos and blogs? 

Free Light Language Transmission

Receive this gift from my heart to yours and enjoy this powerful light language transmission, activating and opening your heart to more ease and joy.



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