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Aligned with your Highest True Self

Embody your true essence.

Follow your highest heart's desires.

Live your soul calling.

Vibrant, sovereign, embodied YOU.


Download my free Ocean Light Code Transmission for more flow, ease and grace

My passion is your expansion

When you live aligned with your highest self,

you step into your power, vibrancy and wellbeing.
You embody flow,
leadership and grace.

You dare to be fully You.

You live your highest authentic expression and true calling with grace and ease.

That is what I am here to help you uncover, embody and truly LIVE. 

Hi, I am Natasa Stojanovic

I am an intuitive Transformational Coach, Ocean Light Language Channel, Heart Leader and Energy Healer, here to support you to live your life and calling aligned with your highest Self.


My own journey took me from false identification with who I thought I had to be to expressing my uniqueness and claiming my gifts, sovereignty and inner knowing - an ever evolving journey of expansion and joy. 


I have over 20 years experience working with leaders, teams and individuals in personal, leadership and spiritual development, as well as trauma informed healing.

Today I merge my gifts of being a multidimensional channel, healer and activator with my down to earth coaching and healing skills, so you can embody and integrate your expansion into your physical life, living your dreams and calling as your highest, true authentic Self.



Where is it calling you next?

Reclaim your innate knowing, power, sovereignty and flow.

Stand in your soul aligned leadership, gifts and calling.

Embody your true nature, love, authenticity and wisdom.



Personal sessions & Mentorship

Working with me 1:1 - mentorship, packages and private sessions, tailored specifically for you. 

Courses and Programs

Group events, live courses and programs to support your highest expression of love, joy, vitality, freedom and abundance.


Voices Sharing Love


"I have had the blessing of doing 2 sessions with Natasa thus far and found both experiences to be profoundly life giving. As a psychotherapist and healer myself, I was impressed by Natasa’s capacity to go deeply into spirit to source the energy to transform generational trauma energetically. She is incredibly attuned. Her work and radiant presence are transformational and life giving."

Susan Beth Dorfman LPC


"The clarity from ocean light language is too amazing for words. 

To clear so much so quickly and it’s not something that happens and then disappears, it’s lasting. Words that tripped me are light and easy now. 
Working with Natasa is as light as air, as deep as the deepest ocean all wrapped in love and care.  You know your highest good is above all."

Jill C. Brown,
Creator of Soul Avatar


„Natasa's energy is extremely pure, which is important to me when choosing a healer or coach to work with...

Natasa has an amazing gift to channel Ocean Light Language and energy. She combined this with her other powerful tools to create an amazing healing container. I look forward to doing deeper work with Natasa in the future. She is a great leader and guide to assist others in stepping into the New Earth energies.“

Cymry Mongan

Don't know where to start?


Let's explore together how I can best support you



natasa stojanovic coaching / nathealing



+41 78 684 94 25

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