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Love your Life now!

Awakening to the power of who you truly are

A journey into love

You are here for a reason. You did not come here to suffer or to do your best to get through the day.

You came here to en-JOY!

You came here with a purpose that wants to be remembered.

You don't need to fix yourself.

You don't need to work harder.

You don't need to dig into your past to release karma or find every unhealed aspect of yourself.


You are a powerful creator being of light! Embrace THAT!

It is time to step into your true power and live the life you love!

Are you ready to let go of everything you have ever learnt?

Are you ready to truly open your heart and and embrace all from an open heart of love?

Are you ready to and align with the highest version of YOU?

No matter what you are struggling with, or how bad you feel, you are an amazing being, powerful beyond what you could imagine! That is your true nature, it is time to allow it in. 

Are you ready to step into a life full of joy, freedom and pure love? 

Step into the magic of who you came here to be!

About me

Hi, my Name is Natasa Stojanovic.

Throughout my life there was one question that stayed with me through all the stages of my life, inspiring me and giving me power to move through all the challenges I was facing:

What is true Healing and how does it happen? 


I studied different fields like Coaching, Energy Psychology and particular Healing Modalities, in addition to learning intensely about Nutrition, Quantum Physics, Neuropsychoimmunology and Epigenetics. I worked as a life and business coach for over 20 years, with thousands of clients.

But my quest for truth and my own health challenges invited me to embark on a long and intense healing journey myself, in order to truly embody what I was about to teach. 

A journey into accessing my own power, embodying all of who I am and learning to live my life more fully. A journey into love.

While this journey is expanding ever since, it lights me up to share and support others to step into their power and into all of who they truly are!

Let me assist you. Not as your guru, but as a co-creator.

Receive this gift from my heart to yours and enjoy this meditation designed to support you to move into a state of heart brain coherence, more harmony, self healing, energy and peace.

Free Heart Expansion and Gratitude  Meditation

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