Natasa Stojanovic
Activator of higher potential

with Light Language, Energy Healing and Conscious Coaching

There is a voice in your heart...

It is telling you about your birthright to live your most magical, vibrant and meaningful life.

Your heart is reminding you to reclaim your power and align with your soul's calling.

It wants you to live your greatest dreams and your highest potential with ease, grace and flow!

Are you ready to LIVE your highest expression?


Let us dive in and discover the

power of YOU

About Natasa Stojanovic


Hi, I am Natasa, and I am here to support you, new earth leader, way shower and inspired being, to step into your full power and live your higher potential, follow your dreams and create the amazing, vibrant and meaningful live you have come here to live.

In my sessions, mentorship and courses, I combine my expertise as a coach and mind body healing professional with my spiritual gifts of Ocean Light Language, expanded intuitive awareness, energy healing and high frequency sound transmissions.


In a unique way, I merge scientific understanding with grounded spirituality and embodiment of unconditional love, creating a safe and powerful space of acceptance, expansion and integration.

I am here to help you embody your own truth, align with your inner wisdom, and awaken the power of who you are and who you came here to be.


Personal sessions & Mentorship

Working with me in person either in 1:1 mentorship or in private sessions. 

Courses and Programs

Group events, live courses and programs to support your highest expression of love, joy, vitality, freedom and abundance.

Free resources

Looking for free content, a community of like minded people, helpful videos and blogs? 

Free Ocean Light Language Transmission

"Whale and Dolphin Play"

Receive this gift from my heart to yours and enjoy this powerful ocean light language transmission, activating you to more play, ease and joy.



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