Awaken the power of 


Activator of higher potential & purposeful expression

Ocean Light & Energy Healer

Light Language Channel

There is a voice in your heart!

It is telling you about the truth of who you are.

It is guiding you every step of the way, 
with wisdom beyond what your mind can comprehend.

It is reminding you to reclaim your power and align with your magical, unique expression and calling.

Your heart is calling you home to you.

Hi, I am Natasa Stojanovic

My passion is to support you to

ignite and embody your true power and essence

follow the dreams and path of your sacred heart

live your most fulfilled, vibrant, healthy life and

share your unique gifts with the world


I help you to

Identify, heal and transmute what is holding you back in your life, your wellbeing and your relationships, such as

  • subconscious beliefs, programming and conditioning

  • personal, generational or other lifetime emotional hurt and trauma

  • unhelpful patterns and behaviors

  • emotional aspects of physical symptoms

Open, awaken and activate 

  • your truth and the courage to live up to it

  • your innate connection to your highest guidance

  • your unique gifts and pure potential

  • your heart power, so you can live from love and follow your soul's calling

I help you awaken the power of YOU, ignite and embody your true essence, and express fully as the love that you are. From there, you can live your highest purpose and expression with vibrancy, grace and inspiration.

You are here to contribute to the web of life by being ALL OF YOU.



Activator of higher potential and purposeful expression
Ocean Light & Energy Healer
Light Language Channel & Leader of the Heart


Passionate about Ocean Light and the power of our Sacred Heart, Natasa is a gifted energy healer, intuitive coach and Ocean Light Language channel. 

She helps New Earth Leaders, healers and lightworkers to follow their true heart’s calling, and embody their radiant vitality, innate power and authentic expression in their life and mission.


She brings through pure Ocean Light Language, highest frequencies of sound, information and light, to help you see, heal, love and integrate all parts of your magnificent being, and activate your DNA and whole being to the next level. 

Her message is one of healing, activation, expansion and grounding through pure loving presence, clear choice and reclaiming the power of our sacred hearts. 

She is guided and supported by many light beings, in particular the energy and wisdom of the Ocean Light, whales and dolphins. 


Together they bring through Light Codes of unity, power, freedom, connection, flow and love.


In order for the frequencies to be embodied for a new creation of reality and integration into daily life, she combines her multidimensional gifts with energy healing and down to earth coaching. 



Personal sessions & Mentorship

Working with me 1:1 - mentorship, packages and private sessions, tailored specifically for you through personal support. 

Courses and Programs

Group events, live courses and programs to support your highest expression of love, joy, vitality, freedom and abundance.


Free resources

Looking for free content, a community of like minded people, helpful videos and blogs? 

My gift for you


Free Ocean Light Language Transmission

"Whale and Dolphin Play"

Receive this gift from my heart to yours and enjoy this powerful ocean light language transmission, activating you to more play, ease and joy.



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