Change the world by living your greatest, most inspired and vibrant life!

Are you living your greatest expression?

Are you ready to step out of the ordinary?

You sense that the world is changing and things won't be the same ever again.

You are aware that we cannot continue from the old paradigm of control, pushing through at the cost of health and wellbeing, of planetary destruction, fear based thinking and lack consciousness.

You are not stuck in complaining, and you know that there is more to life than waiting to see what happens.

You want to do something. 

You hear that voice in your heart, you hear that inner calling to create a new life for yourself, and contribute to a "New Earth", a world of peace, abundance, health, vitality and freedom, and a deep connection to each other and Mother Earth.

You might have a clear dream or vision, or rather a vague idea, or even a more subtle yet powerful longing. 

Yet, you are still waiting for something to change for your dream to come through. Your healthyour situation, your job, your finances, the clarity, the support. 

You might even have health challenges, and you sense deep inside, that they might be connected to not truly following your true heart's desires, your calling, that which dwells deep within, waiting to be expressed.

At times, you are trying to convince yourself that you should be happy with what you have and settle for "normal". After all, your life is not that bad. 

But then, the dissatisfaction kicks in, that restlessness, the emptiness, and the longing comes back and gets louder. It just does not leave you alone.

Deep inside you sense that the whispers in your heart are getting louder, and they want you to listen.

Are you ready to listen to your heart?

Deep inside you know, that it is time for you to step up and reclaim your power.

Deep inside you feel that you have a choice.


You have the choice to let go of all limiting beliefs, release old programming and live up to your soul's magical purpose, your true potential.

Even if you might not know exactly what that will look like, you feel that calling, that deep yearning.

It is time to align with your true essence and live the meaningful, healthy and magical life that you came here to live! It is your birthright.

Let go of all the reasons why, and step into your power now!

If not now, then when? Are you ready?

My purpose is your calling

Hi I am Natasa Stojanovic, a transformational business and life coach, energy healer and awakening guide.

My vision is New Earth, a world of peace, deep connection, mutual respect, love, freedom, pure expression, abundance for all and harmonious living with our beautiful planet.

My calling is to support you, New Earth leaders, awake entrepreneurs, inspired individuals, illuminating way showers and conscious parents to step into your heart's calling from a place of vitality, inspiration and flow.

When we align with our pure essence and live our most magical, vibrant and meaningful life, creating from our soul's purpose and innate wholeness, it is always for the highest good of all. 

We cannot step into our full power and vitality without following our hearts, and expressing our true essence. When our true essence is suppressed, life force is being blocked and we feel dis-ease.


We also cannot live our purpose from a place of exhaustion, of pushing and fighting and depleting our bodies, which is what we have been conditioned into.

And the access point for your calling, your wisdom, your inspiration, your clarity, your vitality and your health lies in your heart.


Are you ready to discover the power of your heart, let it lead the way and follow through?


Working with me

My calling actually emerged from a very challenging time in my life, also referred to as "the dark night of the soul.

I was a successful business and life coach for over 15 years, and living a good life.

At the same time, I had that longing, that dream. But there was always a good reason to, relationships, current projects or job opportunities, or something else.

I had been putting my heart’s true desires and dreams aside for years, until my world literally crashed when I got pregnant and discovered I would be a single mum with no support from the very beginning. Everything I ever believed in and was wishing for my life was shattered. 3 years later, I was sick, fatigued, exhausted, depleted
I did not think about my dreams any more and my energy was hardly high enough to get through the day, let alone think about work. All I could think of was how to heal my body and be there for my child.

But one day, I realised that I cannot heal without following my heart's lead, and transmuting the old patterns that were holding me back.

I embarked on a journey of unconditional (self) love, of remembering my true power and a journey of aligning with my essence.

On that journey to my heart and purpose, which in the beginning was only about self love, deep healing started taking place. I experienced relationships healing and transmuting, I found my joy and laughter again, and I regained my vitality, energy and health. Most of all, I found a deep gratitude and love for life and I awakened to a purpose beyond my dreams, and to spiritual gifts I never even knew existed.

Today, I am excited to share them with you.

My uniqueness lies in combining over 15 years of expertise and skills in leadership coaching, personal development, stress reduction techniques and energy psychology with my intuitive and spiritual gifts, using energy healing, consciousness, light language and sound.  

In a grounded way I support you in discovering your own truth of who you came here and accessing pure life force and your heart's power to consciously create your magnificent life.

Here is what you may experience from working with me:


  • having more clarity about your life's purpose and stepping into your soul's expression with inspiration and joy

  • deeply connecting to your innate wisdom and intuition, and allow your heart to lead the way

  • realigning with your radiant health, joy and vitality now and consistently

  • stepping into your power

  • healing the relationship with yourself and other

  • releasing limiting beliefs and old programming, replacing them with those that support you

  • healing emotional wounds and painful memories from the past

  • experiencing more flow, ease, freedom, connection and magic in all areas of your life

No matter what you are struggling with, or how stuck you might feel, you are an amazing, powerful being, beyond what you could imagine!

Are you ready to awaken to purpose, freedom and vitality?

... or take it from here. How would you like to continue?

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About me

Hi, my Name is Natasa Stojanovic.

Throughout my life there was one question that stayed with me through all the stages of my life, inspiring me and giving me power to move through all the challenges I was facing:

What is true Healing and how does it happen? 


I studied different fields like Coaching, Energy Psychology and particular Healing Modalities, in addition to learning intensely about Nutrition, Quantum Physics, Neuropsychoimmunology and Epigenetics. I worked as a life and business coach for over 20 years, with thousands of clients.

But my quest for truth and my own health challenges invited me to embark on a long and intense healing journey myself, in order to truly embody what I was about to teach. 

A journey into accessing my own power, embodying all of who I am and learning to live my life more fully. A journey into love.

While this journey is expanding ever since, it lights me up to share and support others to step into their power and into all of who they truly are!

Let me assist you. Not as your guru, but as a co-creator.

Receive this gift from my heart to yours and enjoy this meditation designed to support you to move into a state of heart brain coherence, more harmony, self healing, energy and peace.

Free Heart Expansion and Gratitude  Meditation



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