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FULLY YOU special

"FULLY YOU" Ocean Light Breakthrough Session
50% off my regular price
Are you ready for your full authentic expression?

This is a one time offering for those who wish to experience the power of my work before considering going deeper with me.

Benefits of my work support you to be in highest expression and divine service while living the life your heart wishes to experience.

That includes

  • embodying love and compassion towards yourself and others

  • expressing yourself freely without procrastination, perfectionism or fear of judgement

  • living your truth and dreams more authentically and courageously

  • transmuting fear, self judgment, self criticism and self doubt

  • becoming cristal clear on your next steps

  • re-activating your joy, passion and spiritual gifts

  • taking the leap your heart has been inviting your into

  • opening your heart while setting clear and loving boundaries

  • stepping confidently into your leadership, vibrancy, flow and ease

  • opening up to more freedom in your life and work


How I work

My work is a combination of the most powerful healing modalities I have come across in my life, with channeling the incredible Codes of Ocean Light, which come through as Light Language and song - a transmission of light, frequency, sound and information, activating your DNA and re-connecting you back to who you are.


Often times, the magnificent whales and dolphins will come in to support your expansion.


This powerful and gentle process goes to the root without fixing or solving, but allowing all that is not aligned to melt into love, then grounding and integrating into your daily life.


My work is an integration of healing, expansion and grounding and includes multidimensionality and down to earth integration.

What you can expect

You will receive a full 60 minute Ocean Light session 1:1 with me.


If this session is helpful for you and we both feel that we are a fit, we will add 10 Minutes where I will tell you how you can continue working with me.

Are you ready to unleash and embody more of who you truly are?
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