It is time to uplevel and own your whole mission!


2 part online course

For wayshowers, leaders and those with a mission who want to step up to be seen, heard and own their truth more fully.



Do you ever stumble when asked what you do or believe in?

Do you fear loosing family, friends or clients if you shared your truth fully or talked about your spiritual gifts? 

When we are holding back, our heart and soul can not express, it costs a lot of energy to hide and twist ourselves, and we loose fluidity and often wellbeing.  

Your soul wants to express freely as love in action!

Would you love to


  • get that weight off your shoulders and own your truth more fully?

  • speak about your gifts as naturally as you share what you ate for lunch?

  • invite others into your services full of clarity, confidence and trust?

  • simply be ALL of who you are, without the feeling of having to twist your words so others can hopefully understand?

To me, there is nothing more liberating than fully owning my truth.


The world needs You, your gifts & your message now!

It is time to fully own your powerful truth and get you and your message out into the world, with confidence, clarity, flow and ease. 

In this 2-part series of powerful frequency transmissions, we will

  • Dissolve what is holding you back to fully be seen and speak your truth

  • Shift limiting beliefs around sharing your gifts and message

  • Learn ways to stay in flow with sharing your truth and mission, without imposing it on others

  • Receive tips on how to feel supported and encouraged as opposed to criticized

Plus, you will receive helpful assignments to support your expansion during the time of the course and beyond! 

Join for two 90 minute calls of high frequency transmissions, healing and activations & down to earth tools

Investment CHF 99.- 


"Holy wow, just coming off your light language activation. This was incredibly POWERFUL! You truly have a gift to facilitate what feels like a grounded expansion that resonates our whole being so that more of our light can actually come into form. It reminds us of and activates ever more parts of our true power in a BE HERE NOW kind of way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ✨🌟💖"

Claudia Sasse, Soul Purpose Activator, New Earth Guide, Visionary Intuitive, Author

"My experience is that Nataša is a profoundly gifted healer working from source to heal and empower others. She is of the utmost integrity and truly brings her passion and joy for sharing the light language to awaken the light within...

As a psychotherapist and healer myself, I was impressed by Natasa’s capacity to go deeply into spirit to source the energy to transform generational trauma energetically. She is incredibly attuned. Her work and radiant presence are transformational and life giving. I truly found her a joy to work with."

Susan Beth Dorfman LPC

About Natasa Stojanovic


Passionate about pure consciousness and the power of our heart, Natasa helps New Earth Leaders, Wayshowers and inspired, conscious beings to step into their innate power, follow their true heart's desires and live & embody their highest expression, calling and potential with grace and ease.

Natasa combines transmitting highest frequencies of light through speaking and singing Light Language as well as accessing pure consciousness for healing and activation with down to earth coaching & facilitation.

She also channels the codes of Ocean Light and the wisdom and energy of whales and dolphins.

She has a unique way of connecting scientific understanding with embodied experience of grounded spirituality and unconditional love.

Apart from her multidimensional gifts, Natasa is trained in various modalities of Energy Psychology, Energy Healing, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), coaching, and Experiential Learning.


Natasa has 25 years experience of working with people.

She is a mother of a beautiful 8 year old boy and has a deeply embodied connection to the Ocean and Mother Earth.

Her mission is to support humanity in awakening and co-creating New Earth through elevating consciousness and activating our hearts and unlimited potential stored in our DNA.