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Frequency Mastery for Higher Guidance

Masterclass & Ocean Light Code Transmission

Frequency Masteryfor higher Guidance

April 12, 2024
11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

Investment CHF 44.-

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...being deeply rooted in your inner knowing, so that you have crystal clear clarity about your next steps and decisions, . 

...being in such alignment with your higher Self, that synchronicities, possibilities and opportunities keep flowing in in the most miraculous ways.

... staying connected to the lovingly supportive whispers of your soul no matter what is going on in the world . 

What would life look like? What resources could you tap into to navigate challenges with more grace and ease? What else could you create?


Everything is Frequency

Mastering frequency is the foundation of accessing the higher realms of your unique expression.

When you know how to tap into and hold that frequency along with applying some important principles, you can


  • re-connect to to your higher knowing when you felt cut off from your clarity, intuition and inspiration

  • receive your true aligned answers for your most important questions that previously seemed unanswered

  • experience far more clarity and flow even if life's challenges ask you to take difficult decisions

  • stay connected your true essence, that inner guiding light which keeps you focused on your big why, so that you can take inspired action for your higher calling and true heart's desires.

Everything you need is right within you.

Alway accessible. Lovingly waiting for you. Ready to elevate your experience.


"Mastering Frequency for Higher Guidance" is created to empower you to experience deep, lasting connection to your highest guidance, so that you can feel tapped in, loved & supported every step of the way.

In this workshop, you will receive teaching and tools to learn

  • how to master the vibration that allows you to access, decode and trust your higher guidance 

  • how to discern and make sure that the guidance is from a pure source 

  • 3 main pitfalls that keep you from receiving the answer you are looking for and what it takes to resolve them

  • how to move from part time guidance to lasting support

You will also receive an Ocean Light Code transmission to support you in connecting deeper with our higher wisdom and guidance.

At the end of the call, there will be time for sharing and answering questions.

Are you ready for more clarity, grace and ease? Then join us for this high vibrational masterclass.


  • you. have connection to your higher guidance but at times suddenly feel cut off or unable to hear the answers as you did in the past.

  • you want to reclaim your power by living according to your highest truth and divine blueprint.

  • you would love to expand your faith in what you are receiving, so that you can feel even more supported and express your soul calling with more clarity.


  • you want someone to make predictions or tell you what to do.

  • you are looking for ways to protect yourself from „negative energies“.

  • you want to learn ways to leave your body in order to travel to other realms.

  • you are looking for a quick fix without taking responsibility for your actions.

Voices Sharing Love



"Natasha holds a very warm, nurturing high vibe container that is sacred and pure. I feel her beautiful light language gently touch inside me, transmuting the density, no longer serving me, powerfully penetrating, dissolving and expanding me all at once to new awareness and possibilities I get to now explore and play from. Natasha is the real deal. Thank you lovely Natasha for holding space for me, for my dolphins and my dragon in this way. You really spoke to my essence today and that feels great as I continue to unwind, integrate and own my power like never before to be of the greatest service to All. I really look forward to exploring the mystery and unfolding of what I'm birthing into now! Namaste, ."

Katherine Lia, Healer and Transformational Coach


"The clarity from ocean light language is too amazing for words. 

To clear so much so quickly and it’s not something that happens and then disappears, it’s lasting. Words that tripped me are light and easy now. 
Working with Natasa is as light as air, as deep as the deepest ocean all wrapped in love and care.  You know your highest good is above all."

Jill C. Brown,
Creator of Soul Avatar


Natasa's energy is extremely pure, which is important to me when choosing a healer or coach to work with...

Natasa has an amazing gift to channel Ocean Light Language and energy. She combined this with her other powerful tools to create an amazing healing container. I look forward to doing deeper work with Natasa in the future. She is a great leader and guide to assist others in stepping into the New Earth energies.“

Cymry Mongan

Your heart is calling you.
It is calling you to follow the whispers of your soul and be of your greatest service while living your most fulfilled and vibrant life.


Frequency Masteryfor higher Guidance

Masterclass & Ocean Light Code Transmission

April 12, 2024
11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

Duration 90 Minutes
Investment CHF 44.-

Meet Natasa Stojanovic

Hi, I am a multidimensional Ocean Light Language Channel, trauma informed Frequency Healer, Whale Retreat Leader, mentor, mother and speaker with 20 years experience in leadership-, team-, personal and spiritual development.

Using my multidimensional gifts of channeling, frequency healing and down to earth coaching I support heart-centered wayshowers, leaders and soulpreneurs to remember and embody their unique t essence, so that they can step into their power, vibrancy, leadership and flow, and show up fully and authentically for their highest dreams and soul calling​.

I believe that our true heart’s desires, vibrant wellbeing and divine purpose are ONE, and that we are here to embody unconditional love and live as conscious creators and stewards of Mother Earth.

Your fulfillment and mission matter, and I am here to help you activate, embody and LIVE it!

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