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Semi Private

Free to be you!
I AM self worth, self trust & self love.

8 Week Program

heart-centered wayshowers, leaders and change makers, ready to own their pure authentic divine expression

starting June 14th, 2023

Transmuting self doubt, self judgement and unworthiness, and reclaiming your power, joy and true expression

A 8 week semi private Master-Heart Program

Intimate, small group of 3-5 (max 7)  heart-centered beings meets private mentorship 💕

(more details below)


Are you ready to powerfully live as you?

Since I am keeping the group to 3-5, max 7 people, I wish to connect heart to heart first, so we can make sure our choice is aligned, and I can support you and the group as best I can. 

To apply schedule a free call with me.

What would it feel like to to completely feel free to be you, no matter what your family, friends and others say or think?


How would that change your life if you had no judgement or doubt whatsoever about your thoughts, feelings, emotions or even actions?

What would it be like to be deeply connected to your inner knowing, and trusting it fully, free from self doubt and second guessing yourself? A life free from that self criticizing voice that is keeping you small.

Awwww... no procrastination, no perfectionism, no over giving needed!

Now imagine knowing that you are deeply grounded in the knowing that you are deserving to have it all. To be it all. To receive all that is here for you.


Worthy, loved, enough, deserving.

Simply because you ARE.

Never feeling isolated any more, even when "alone". 

That is your birthright. 

Fully connected to your true essence, your spirt team, the oneness that you are. 

Oooh and that energy! How much more life force, vibrancy and joy would you experience in your life?

Our journey


Week 1
I AM deserving

Opening Ceremony, intention setting and opening to receiving and deserving

Week 2
I AM worthy

Heal unworthiness, guilt and self sabotage, and reclaim your innate power and worth

Week 3
I AM enough

Transmute not enough-ness, perfectionism, procrastination, comparison and over-giving into self acceptance, love and healthy boundaries

Week 4
Integration break

Allowing our bodies and being to integrate the powerful activations. Receiving distant healing and time to re-visit weeks 1-3 as guided.

Week 5
I AM trust

Transmute self doubt and second guessing yourself. Allow and trust the wisdom of your sacred heart to lead the way

Week 6
I AM confidence

Allow your fears of being seen, judged or criticized to melt into love and deeply connect with your highest expression. 

Week 7
I AM free

Step into the truth of who you are, connected to your unique authentic expression, liberated to be fully YOU

Week 8
I AM SELF LOVE closing ceremony

Self Love activation, integration and closing ceremony

What's included

  • A safe space to grow in a small, intimate group (3-7)

  • 60 minute private session at the beginning of the program

  • 30 minute private session towards the end of the program

  • 7 x 90 minute live group calls with Q&A to answer personal questions

  • Distant healing on week 4, which is integration week

  • Recordings of all calls provided (downloadable)

  • Tools and meditations to support you in between sessions and in daily life

  • Mutual support Facebook group


How I work

On each group call we will experience teaching, Frequency Healing and Ocean Light Language Activations, including the option for short personal coaching .

The power of this work is that it bypasses the conscious mind and goes straight into the waters in your cells, where generational, ancestral and acquired memories are held. This is how we go to the root without analyzing, fixing or solving. As the frequency of your waters which govern your DNA expression changes, so does your state of being (beliefs, emotions, actions - aka frequency).

I am here to bring through the frequencies that help reconnect you with your true nature.

You will also receive down to earth coaching to support you bring this expansion into your daily life.

After all, we are here on a human journey.


Imagine feeling free to be you.

Claiming your power, worthiness and joy.
Can you feel the expansion?

 Apply by scheduling a free call with me now.

Voices of love

Lasting change

„The clarity from ocean light language is too amazing for words. 

To clear so much so quickly and it’s not something that happens and then disappears, it’s lasting. 

Words that had tightness and tripped me are light and easy now. Working with Natasa is as light as air, as deep as the deepest ocean all wrapped in love and care.  You know your highest good is above all.“ 

Jill C. Brown, founder of Soul Avatar

Deep Self Love

"I’ve started learning to fully accept who I am, without judging myself, to see my beauty as human being and being thankful for this, to really and deeply love myself... and that makes me the ‘better person’ I always wanted to become... and in reality, I just didn’t see it, I already was it!

Thank you.“


Trust in Self

"This heart activation has begun to bring about a big shift and trust in myself and life when nothing else was seeming to budge the constant fear I was feeling.  A deeper connection to the universe beginning to emerge and trust in my own inner experience. I am incredibly grateful for this beautiful experience...

...You speak from a place of so much love and I’m only beginning to understand you are reflecting the love I’ve always had within me. Such a blessing after so much pain and being ready to give up.

Alisa Bruzonsky


If your heart is saying YES!, then it is time to learn more.

Hi, I am Natasa Stojanovic

I am here to help you remember and embody your unique divine expression as joy, love and grace.

I am an intuitive transformational coach, activator of higher potential and multidimensional Ocean Light Language Channel with 20 years experience in down to earth leadership-, team-, personal and spiritual development.

Using my multidimensional gifts of channeling, frequency healing and down to earth coaching, I lead heart-centered spiritual wayshowers, change makers and leaders to step into their power, vibrancy and flow, as we gently and powerfully transmute what is holding them back, and activate their DNA to remember their truth beyond conditioning. 


I believe that our true heart’s desires, vibrant wellbeing and divine purpose are ONE, and that we are here to embody unconditional love and live as the divine creator that we are.

Your fulfillment and mission matter, and I am here to help you activate, embody and LIVE it!


Who is this for?

This is for you if you are here to live and lead from your heart and you are ready to
- dare to be you and embrace your uniqueness and pure authentic expression

- meet your thoughts, feelings and emotions with curiosity and compassion

- be respectful, acknowledging and supportive to other co-creators in the group

- commit to yourself to attend the group calls live whenever possible

- invest in yourself (time, finances and presence)

And of course, it is open to all human beings

How much time is best to invest for this journey?

You are well on track with

- 30 Minutes of daily practices and tools I will invite you into

- 90 minutes / week for the calls

- add 2 private sessions over the course of 2 months.

What if I cannot attend live?

You will receive all the recordings form all the calls. Depending on what the group decides, the only thing that might be excluded is the personal coaching parts of the calls, to maintain privacy.

When are the group calls?

We meet Tuesdays starting June 14th.
Unless there is a time zone issue with someone in our group, we are meeting Tuesdays at 11.30 am PT / 2-30 pm ET / 7.30 pm UK / 20.30 h CET 

How much is my investment for this Master Heart Program?

The regular investment for this Master Heart program is USD 1444.- in total, or two monthly payments of 722.- 

Since this is the first round, I am offering the program for  997.- USD in total or 2 monthly payments of 499 USD.


Imagine being  fully grounded in your inner knowing and truth.
Feeling deserving and worthy of having it all.
Sharing yourself freely.

To apply schedule a free call with meI am looking forward to connecting heart to heart.

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