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Private with me








Align with your highest dreams and purpose!


Heal what is holding you back, learn how to be the change, and live your highest expression!


Experience true freedom, love, abundance, wellbeing and vitality that is your birthright!

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Activate your heart to your innate power, intuition and remembering of who you truly are!

Gift yourself with pure ocean light code transmissions, incredible whale & dolphin wisdom readings, energy healing and down to earth, intuitive, conscious coaching.
How do you want to work with me?

Single 1:1 session

Get the support you wish to receive right here, right now!



 Multiple sessions for a reduced price.

Remote energy healing for ongoing support.


Full immersion

Be the change Mentorship! This is for you if you are ready to go all in and ignite your pure potential!

Be the Change!
Full Immersion Mentorship

Are you ready to be the change and ignite your highest purposeful expression from a space of love, power and fluidity?

Then the "Be the Change Mentorship" is for you!

You are going to receive light language activations, transmissions, practical tools, daily energy work and pure empowerment to be and live the magnificent life and purpose you came here to express

When you start receiving through this work, it affects all areas of your life.



  • 3 months full immersion
  • bi weekly sessions 1:1 with Natasa Stojanovic 
  • unlimited support between sessions via email or text
  • short, powerful and simple tools to support you between sessions and ground the new ways of being in your daily life
  • 10 min daily (5 days/week) remote healing, activation and integration
  • access to transformational "Birthing a new you!" program for free, plus more offerings which support your journey
Interested but not sure? I will gift you with a free transformational 30 minutes session (real session, not a sales call!).
Plus, we will add 10 minutes so you can learn more about the mentorship.

1:1 Sessions with Natasa Stojanovic

1:1 single sesson
A 1:1 session is an amazing way to get to know me, or work on one specific thing. Benefits may include and are not limited to
  • Receive more clarity about your purpose and dreams
  • Activate your spiritual gifts to the next level
  • Experience more freedom, abundance, vitality, love and joy
  • Release overwhelm and stress
  • Heal a painful memories creating havoc in your body and life
  • Shift limiting beliefs holding your back
  • Open and activate your heart more fully
  • Access and develop your intuition and get inspired
  • Feel more love and connection in your relationships
  • Increase your energy level
I work with a combination of light language, intuitive coaching and mind-body and ocean light healing, and the magnificent support of the wisdom and energy of the Ocean council of Light and whales and dolphins.
Via zoom or phone
Duration: 60 Minutes
Investment USD 222.-
If you are interested in a

Package A
6 sessions 1:1 with Natasa Stojanovic

Packages sessions
You want ongoing support, but you are not yet sure wether a mentorship is right for you?
You love the freedom of scheduling the sessions whenever it feels aligned?

Pay for 5 and receive the 6th session for free.
Via zoom or phone
Duration: 60 min / session
Investment USD 1110.-

Package B: Daily remote Energy
Healing & Activation

This offering can be booked individually or in addition to the other work I offer. 

We set a time and you receive 10 powerful minutes of daily (5 days / week) remote Energy Transmissions for Healing, Activation and Integration as is in your highest good.

You do not need to do anythinghowever I suggest that you tune in for 10 minutes a day (whenever is good for you, there is no time!) and receive. 
This work is powerful and perfect if you wish to not only heal and activate, but also receive daily energy support, and deepen your experience and understanding of what is unfolding.

  5 days USD 122.-
10 days USD 222.-

Contact me for availability and more information HERE.

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