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LIght Language Activations, Conscious coaching, energy healing, private sessions, mentorship

Shine your light now!

 Private sessions and Mentorship

Awaken to your Power, Transmute your Life, Activate your Heart and Live your Highest Dreams and Purpose!


Purposeful expression

You have dreams that you know are calling you into more! Your heart is calling and you know that you are here for a reason!
Activate your next level of your spiritual gifts, and embody & 
expression the mission and gifts you came here to live.

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Heart Activation

Your heart is where your power is. It is the doorway to your unique expression, your greatest potential and your highest divine guidance. When your heart is activated, you awaken to new levels of what is possible, and synchronicities, intuition and support from higher realms become part of your daily life.

Healing & stepping into your power

I help you powerfully transmute what keeps you stuck and boost your system to live in wholeness, vitality, freedom, abundance and love that you are came to experience. 
Release and heal old programming, emotions and beliefs and call back all of your power now!

Private Mentorship

Do you have a longing, a great dream, a burning desire in your heart, yet you haven't found a way yet to express it fully?

Do you have a great passion, which seems to be unlivable in your day to day life?

Do you sometimes feel like you are not truly belonging, and would love to connect to heart-like beings?

And probably you have at least one area of your life where things seem stuck forever, and you feel like turning in circles, even though you did tons of healing work!

I have been there and I know how that feels! Let the wisdom of the whales and the language of ocean light support you to 

align with your highest dreams and purpose
experience the freedom, love, joy, abundance and vitality you came here to live
heal what is holding you back, like old programming, beliefs, emotions and more

ou might come into this space with the pure wish to align with your highest purpose and contribute in greater ways, while living your most abundant, joyful and fulfilled life from an open heart of love.

You may come with a specific issue to heal, like emotional wounds, limiting beliefs, health problems, or relationship issues or anything else which keeps you from stepping into your true expression.
Or you may be drawn to a private mentorship from the amazing desire to step into more love, joy, flow, vitality and abundance in your life.

Whatever the case, when you start receiving through this work, it affects all areas of your life.

Stepping into the power of who you truly are, you are going to receive activations, transmissions, tools and guidance to creating a new reality and a new kind of living

Take a moment, breathe and feel that YES in your heartThe YES to ALL OF YOU!
If you feel a YES for this mentorship, book a free discovery call below and we will explore more together.


  • One private session every week or 2 weeks
  • Mind Body and Energy Healing, Ocean Light Language Activations, Whale & Dolphin Wisdom Readings and Conscious, down to Earth Coaching! 
  • Support between sessions via email or text
  • Short and easy to apply assignments between sessions to ground the new ways of being in your daily life
  • Option to add 10 min daily remote energy healing and activation support
Book a discovery call and let us find out how I can best support you!
May you expand from this mentorship in new, empowered and fully aligned ways to continue of your magical, unique path of shining your light even brighter!
To learn more about the mentorship and start receiving, click on the link in the picture below.
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