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Releasing guilt, resentment, hurt and more!

Live Healing Session

Are you ready to feel free?

Would you love to feel free from guilt, shame, resentment, frustration or any other limiting emotion?

We all have unresolved emotions that can be holding us back in living our truth and our most fulfilled and happy lives. Just like clutter in our house, unresolved emotions take up space and often prevent us from letting joy, love, ease and flow into our lives. In order to let the new in, it can be very helpful to release the old.

This healing session is going to support you to clear old emotions and energies that are no longer serving you  and to move into more energy and vitality, and more of who you are!

The way I work has evolved over the last 15 years from working with countless clients from all over the world and is a combination of the most powerful healing processes that I have experienced. 

It is important for me to mention, that I am I am not doing any healing on you. I am simply leading you through a powerful yet gentle process of allowing, presence, intention and powerful invocations to release the emotions you are ready to let go and transmute into love.

Your task is to relax and be fully present, simply noticing, breathing and allowing pure source to do the healing.

If you have an unresolved emotion, bring it to the session! Let go of 

  • guilt

  • shame

  • resentment

  • hurt

  • frustration

  • or any other emotion you would love to allow to transmute


We will do this healing session on behalf of everyone in the group and on behalf of each other. That means, that you are not only going to benefit from what you are personally ready to release, but also from what others in the group are clearing and sharing.

All you need is online access, a glas of water and around 1 hr plus for yourself.

Date and time: September 10th 2019, 9pm CEST/ 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT

Investment:      29.00 Swiss Francs (approx. 29 USD)

After registration you will receive an email with the details about how to access the session. The session will be recorded so you can use this recording to follow along for any other emotions you would love to release. If you cannot make it live, you can still benefit just as much through following along on the replay.

Are you ready to let go? Join now and love your life even more!

Registration closed
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