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Semi Private

I AM Self Love, Self Worth, Self Trust

7 Week Program

heart-centered wayshowers, leaders healers and lightworkers, ready to step into their joy and soul mission in greater ways

Step into divine mastery

A 5 week program to activate the powerful creator that you are

The Warrior of the Heart has literally changed my life since I received this powerful download first for myself, and then as a program to offer.

In this program you will be activated create from your heart to

  • step more fully into your power as an infinite divine creator being

  • access your highest guidance and intuition

  • gain crystal clear clarity about your next steps, decisions and actions to take

  • let go of the fear to shine your light more brightly

  • live a more empowered life where love leads the way and gets mirrored back to you

  • allow the magic of life to unfold and receive with grace and ease

The Warrior of the Heart is empowered love in action.

When we live from that place,

  • our relationships to ourselves and others improve

  • we feel more vitality and energy in our bodies

  • we experience more love, peace and calm

  • we allow ourselves to receive more abundance and flow

I will be teaching you how to be powerful yet come from the heart. 

Even though there will be a lot of tools and teachings that you can apply by yourself and keep for all of your life, this is not another "toolkit" program. It is a step by step process for you to follow and an activation and integration on a deep cellular level. 

WHAt is included

  • 5 live group calls with transmissions, activations and healing (1-2 hours length)

  • 5 live Q&A live Facebook calls to get your questions answered (30-60 minutes)

  • full online support through a private Facebook group only for participants of this program

  • a step by step process to follow and easily incorporate into your daily life

  • empowering meditations and exercises to download and keep

This is not another "toolkit" yet a journey and activation on a cellular level

The Warrior of the Heart is powerful beyond imagination, yet she does not need to fight.

The Warrior of the Heart is here to be the powerful embodiment of her truth, centered in her courage and inner knowing.

The Warrior of the Heart acts from  clarity, "she" knows her steps and actions.

Join this powerful transmission and

- release fear, judgement and uncertainty

- activate your heart and learn how to choose love

- connect to your guidance and inner knowing

- get cristal clear about your steps and decisions


This is an invitation and activation to remember who you are and start co-creating in UNITY consciousness of pure love and light.

Reclaim your power! 

Love or fear  - What do you choose?

What, when, where and how?

All you need is online access, a glas of water and a quiet space for yourself.

Date and time: March 20th, 2020, 21h CEST / 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT

Investment:      22.00 CHF (23 USD)

The session will be recorded and everyone who registers will have access to the replay. 


Register here:

After registration you will receive an email with the details about how to access the session.


"...In personal contacts and sessions with Natasa, through her beautiful voice and attitude, I find a space of love and acceptance in which I can deeply be in contact with myself in a truly authentic way. I perceive her inputs as a supporting way to follow my own path in a way of acceptance and love....

...I’ve started learning to fully accept who I am, without judging myself, to see my beauty as human being and being thankful for this, to really and deeply love myself... and that makes me the ‘better person’ I always wanted to become... and in reality, I just didn’t see it, I already was it!

Thank you."


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