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Whale Magic & Lemurian Awakening

October 15 - 22 on Moorea, French Polynesia

Swim with Humpback whales

Connect with Ancient Lemurian Energy

Activate your Heart and Embody your Sacred Gifts & Divine Calling.

In a small group of 2-4 participants, allow the healing energy of the magnificent Humpback Whales and the powerful Ocean Light Activations to remind you of your ancient gifts, of who you are and why you are here.

  • Semi Private = 2-4 participants only

  • 1 pre retreat group session with intention setting and opening ceremony

  • 5 private boat trips to swim with the humpback whales 

  • Hikes to magnificent places that are said and felt to hold ancient Lemurian energy 

  • Daily meditation, energy work and activations

  • 1 private 1:1 post retreat session with Natasa Stojanovic

Your Unique Transformation


Is your heart calling you into greater alignment?

Allow the Energies of Ancient Lemuria, the Magnificent Whales and the Ocean Light Codes to help you 

  •  Align with the next expression of your life and divine service 

  • Transmute fears and conditioning so you can take the leap into the unknown with confidence, faith and clarity

  • Embrace your gifts and calling at the next level of your expression

  • Find peace, flow and joy in times of great change

  • Allow yourself to receive, restore and rebalance

To make sure this sacred Whale retreat is an actual fit for you, we will meet on a call and connect heart to heart

Your Journey


Before the Retreat

Our small group will meet on zoom for 60 minutes:


  • getting to know each other & basic information

  • setting our highest intentions for the retreat, individually and as a group

  • opening activation / creating a sacred energetic space for your journey and retreat

During the Retreat


During 5 private boat trips we will have respectful encounters and the opportunity to swim with the gentle giants of the sea, the humpback whales.

Allow for their beautiful energy and presence to soothe your soul and open your heart.

When we are not on the boat, we will have time for nature connection, stillness, energy work and whatever else is most supportive to your journey.

Options include hiking to high energy places in this lush paradise, connecting with the sacredness of water through waterfalls and springs, intuitive coaching, meditations on the beach, snorkeling, Ocean Light Activations, whale and dolphin energy transmissions, journalling - or simply integration, solitude and being-ness.

Since this is a semi private retreat, we will work very much in flow with what the needs and process of the group are. 
Note: The boat trips are set dates and times.

We finish the retreat with a closing ceremony and an optional closing dinner together

Whales Moorea.png


After the Retreat

You will receive a 60 Minute follow up 1:1 coaching session (around 2 weeks after the retreat.) 


This will be about how to integrate your new states of being, insights, downloads and energies into your daily life, and taking inspired action for your path ahead, or whatever else is in your highest good in that moment.

To make sure this sacred Whale retreat is an actual fit for you, we will meet on a call and connect heart to heart


Day 1 / October 15th

Opening Ceremony, optional welcome dinner

Days 3-5 / October 16-19

Whale swims
Activities aligned to the group process (hiking, visiting Marae's, snorkeling etc.) 
and daily meditation, activation and / or integration circles

Day 6 / October 20th

Time for a longer activity, no whale swim

Day 7 / October 21

Whale swim

Easy Activity according to group flow

Meditation, activation and / or integration circle

Day 8 / October 22

Morning Closing Ceremony

Individual check out and departures


Dates & Place

October 15 - 22, 2023

Island of Moorea, French Polynesia


4’444.- USD


A non refundable deposit of 2000.- is due at time of reservation, the rest is due by September 10th. (2444.- USD)



  • Opening group session via zoom (60 min)

  • Follow up personal 1:1 session after the retreat (60 min)

  • 5 private boat excursions to swim with the Whales *

  • Daily transformational support in the form of meditations, sacred whale connection and Ocean Light Healing and Activations, Energy work, integration walks circles and private coaching. 

  • Guided hiking adapted to your needs, to connect with the sacred lands and waters

  • 1 lunch included


Not included

  • Flights and/or transportation to and from Moorea

  • Transportation on Moorea (shared car rental suggested)

  • Accomodation (suggestions are being made, but booking is up to you)

  • Meals

  • Snorkelling gear (bring your own)

  • Travel insurance

  • Additional paid activities you might wish to engage in

Cancellation Policy

The down payment of USD 2000.- due at date of reservation is non refundable.

The rest of the retreat investment (USD 2444.-) is refunded as follows:


If you cancel more than 45 days before the start date of the retreat, 100% is refunded.

If you cancel less than 45 days but more than 30 days before the start date of the retreat, 50 % is refunded.

If you cancel 30 days or less before the official start date of your retreat, there is no refund.

Good to know

*There is no guarantee to see or swim with whales, as they are free in their natural environment and we stand for sacred, respectful encounters.
However, with 5 boat trips chances are
 high to swim with them.

We might have to swim up to 200 yards (180 m) in the open sea. If that is too much, you can always choose to watch the whales from the boat.


** The organizer has the right to change the Itinerary due to unexpected circumstances, weather conditions, safety, wellbeing of participants etc.


***My 11 year old son who brings in a lot of starseed energy will be present during all common activities. For our meditations, activations and frequency alignments he is free to join if he chooses to do so.

To make sure this sacred Whale retreat is an actual fit for you, we will meet on a call and connect heart to heart

I am looking forward to guiding you and co-creating with you on this beautiful journey, so you can experience the transformation your heart is calling you into.


With gratitude,



Whales Moorea.png

Answers to practical questions


1.You will be flying to Papeete (PPT), on Tahiti. 

You will find direct flights to Tahiti from San Francisco (SFO) and Los Angeles (LAX), or from Auckland (AKL).
From Europe look for connections through Paris or from any major airline to SFO and LAX. 

Low cost options from Paris to San Francisco: French Bee
Low cost option from London Gatwick or Oslo to Los Angeles (LAX) or from London Gatwick to San Francisco (SFO):


And then French Bee from SFO or LAX to PPT.

2. From Tahiti you can either take a local flight to Moorea or take a ferry 

IMPORTANT: Please look for flights arriving latest on October 14th or in the morning of October 15th... The last ferry connection is at 17.30h.

There are 2 ferry companies that connect Tahiti with Moorea and the ride takes 30-45 minutes.

The Ferry dock (port maritime) is 4 miles, 10 min ride from the airport. Taxi cost is around $15-$25.
The cost of a ferry ticket is around $15 per person (without car)
Ferry schedule Aremiti here.
Ferry schedule Terevau here.

I strongly suggest you rent a car and share cost with other participants, because Taxis are expensive and we will have to go to different locations.

I will connect you once you book with participants who either have booked a car or who you can book with. 

Since you are only 2-4 participants, I suggest you rent a house or bungalows with kitchen, and share cost and space.

It is also nice to share some home made meals together!


I will connect you with participants who have already booked accomodation, so you can share.
Basically, I suggest you book accommodation somewhere around the North-Eastern coast, from where our boat will leave. In that area you will also find a variety of restaurants and little shops.

Link for accomodation: 

I will connect you once you decide to join the retreat.

All of the food (unless stated otherwise) is your responsibility. There are many restaurants along the Northern Coast, and you may also choose to prepare some of the food yourself.

Local currency is CFP or XPF (Franc Pacifique). The exchange rate is around 110 CFP Francs for $1 (American Dollar) and around 115 CFP Francs for 1eur (EURO).ATM: I suggest you get cash from ATM at the airport on Tahiti, there are ATM’s on Moorea, but only 2.Credit Card is widely accepted, however you will need some cash for gratuity tips,  some of the restaurants / food stalls, and if you wish too get souvenirs from a market  or local shop. 

You need to know how to swim to attend this retreat and feel comfortable to swim up to 200 yards / 180 meter.
Bring your own snorkeling gear please (mask, fins, snorkel)



Sunscreen - please bring reef safe sunscreen, (learn more if unsure, ask, google!) , sun hat, rash-guard / shorty, and whatever else you need to stay protected, and feel good. We'll be on the boat for 4 hours on 5 days.
Pack a jacket or soft shell, in case it is very windy after the swim, and for the evenings or in case it rains.



Moorea is a tropical destination, and that comes with abundance of life. You might have a gecko in the house (they are amazing, beautiful creatures, and they eat mosquitos.)
Bring mosquito repellent, especially for the evenings and for hikes. On the boats it is too windy for them, and on beaches during the day usually the breeze will be strong enough to keep them away from you.

The main language in French Polynesia is French, but many locals understand or speak English.

If you have read this far, it is not a coincidence. Let's connect.

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