Natasa Stojanovic

The guiding principles in my work

My fascination for Healing in its many form and how easy, graceful and simple it can happen - even though not always easy

My striving to include all aspects and dimensions of your being

My commitment for giving you my full presence in every moment of our work together

My belief that every person is unique and that change is happening in its own way for everyone

My ability and dedication to work from a higher wisdom and inspiration and to meet you with deep respect and compassion

My gratefulness for my own Healing Journey which enables me to assist and teach from a deep level of embodied experience

My constant commitment to be the change I want to see in the world

Living my life as fully as I possibly can and to enjoy every moment, knowing that life is happening for me, not to me

The love for my son, who is who is my greatest teacher

My love and respect for Mother Earth and Mother Ocean, without which Life on earth could not have developed nor can it be sustained

The awe for the healing power of nature and the ocean in particular

Following my heart and living my dreams

The fascination for how life and healing "work" beneath the surface of the material world

Connecting from heart to heart with like minded and like-hearted beings

Nurturing myself, wether that is through nourishing food, rest, a 2 minute meditation, sitting in nature for a moment, (free) diving, dancing, swimming, windsurfing, relaxing in the bath tub, seeing friends or just being.

1996 I finished my university studies as a Master of Arts (Economy)

1996-99 I made my dream come true and worked and lived at the Red Sea, working as a diving instructor and Dive-Safari Guide. 

Through Training Free Diving (Apnea) I re-discovered my fascination for the connection between body and mind

1998 I attended the Apnea Team World Championships in Sardinia

1999 coming back to Switzerland, studying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), finishing with Master of NLP

Since 2006 official TAT® Practitioner, followed by the certification as an official TAT® Trainer by Tapas Fleming, TATLife

Energy Psychology Professional (EDxTM with Dr. Fred Gallo, similar to EFT)

Since 2002 Trainer for Experiential Learning, Leadership- and Team Development, Burnout Prevention and Stress Reduction

Since 2004 Self Employed Coach and Trainer @ Natasa Stojanovic Coaching (Coachingworld, Nathealing)

Reconnective Healing I-III 

The guiding principles in my life

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