Programs for your expansion

Connect and Heal

Live programs are an excellent way to grow, heal and expand, while enjoying the energy and connection with a beautiful community of like minded souls.

All the healing work is done for everyone involved and for each other throughout time and space, the energy is amazing, and you learn a lot from what other people share. Of course what you share is kept private within the group.



Release what no longer serves & Activate your Heart!

Live online Healing Event - 

This Healing Event will help you to instantly release fear, guilt, shame, self judgement, frustration, doubt or any kind of unresolved emotion, and activate your heart for more more peace, love, abundance and inspiration. There is far more ease and flow waiting for you!

October 11th, 9pm CEST /12pm PDT / 3pm EDT

More Energy and Vitality

Learn simple yet powerful ways to easily access your body's self healing power and have more energy, vitality and flow throughout the day.

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