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How I got activated to my ancient wisdom and knowing - seeing through the veil

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

how I got activated to my ancient wisdom and knowing

It all started several months ago with an external journey to the sea, and an internal journey into the heart of myself.

On this journey I have experienced a complete rebirth, to the point that I do not recognize myself as the same person that I was just half a year ago.

I was blessed to receive amazing downloads and activations to support and propel me forward at light speed.

How it all started

At the time, I was going through a series of heart activations and multidimensional clearing, personal mentorship and intense inner work.

What followed was a journey of awakening beyond what I thought was possible for me.

I remember the first time, when I realized that I was seeing through the veil of 3D reality.

I was on my SUP peacefully paddeling along the coast, when suddenly the sea turned into a golden sea of pure energy, with a crystalline pure white layer above. The sea had turned into beautiful, pure divine energy. Of course, I doubted at first what I saw. My mind was very rationally educated. But there was an inner knowing, a feeing , a notion of this being just as real as our physical reality.

Another time, I would see the energy of the rocks moving up a man's body to support him, re-patterning his body and energy field. Sitting there on the rocks and watching this unfold, I received a download about the holographic structure of the universe and how it stretches across dimensions. I knew, I could never have made up what I saw and received.

Over time, I started getting messages from the ocean, from trees and from the animal kingdom. I allowed myself to notice, how connected I always was to Gaia. In the past, I would have been doubting myself, when asking a plant what leaf I was allowed to pick. Now I realized it was the natural consequence of seeing and sensing multiple dimensions, where we are aware of the consciousness of all that is.

The gift of Light Language

In one of the activations that I experienced, I have received the amazing gift of speaking light language. It took me a while to understand what was happening.

When I speak light language, things start to heal, my heart opens, I connect to myself, others and nature in completely new ways. Wild animals suddenly come by and sit or move close to me. It is a gift of love.

And each time I speak light language, not only do I experience my heart being opened and expanded, but I am also receiving more codes and activations. And over time, I learnt that his happens to the people I work with as well.

Since then, I am receiving activations to my heritage of ancient wisdom and knowing, from dimensions I did not even know existed, like in the case of old Egypt, Lemuria, Atlantis and our Star Seed heritage.

Some of these experiences come in with a conscious knowing, but many are as if a portal opens up and I get a glimpse into another dimension and timeline.

I am still in awe and wonder, as I am getting aware of this continuous journey of remembering.

Why I am sharing this

When these things happen, they go beyond what our rational mind can comprehend. Yet, these experiences are so strong, that you cannot doubt them any more.

All I know is that I am here to share these gifts, as keeping them for myself would not make any sense.

I have the blessing of being able to see through our 3D reality, I know and have experienced how we create and how our fear based thinking keeps creating the same reality over and over again. Once I crossed that line of knowing myself as multidimensional, there is no way back.

As once we wake up from the illusion which we perceive as reality, formed by our beliefs and the stories that we keep telling ourselves, these limitations simply start falling away. When we go through that re-birthing process, and we allow the old to fall away, the triggers of our physical reality no longer have their grip on us, and we are free to consistently choose our highest timeline.

Joy, Love, abundance, freedom, health and vitality is our birthright, and we are powerful divine beings.

But we have to own in.

We have to choose.

We have to allow.

We have to release the old in order for the new to come in.

All the low vibrational frequencies, the fear, guilt, shame, judgement, resentment, and all the lack, victim and scarcity consciousness come up to be released. That is when we are called to not judge, but allow them to fall away.

I am sharing this with you now, as I have been called to share the transmissions and activations that I have been receiving over the last months with all of you who resonate with my work.

It is time for all of us to step up and shift beyond our stories and limitations, to allow ourselves to be seen for who we are, and to co-create a New Earth!

If that resonates with you and you are ready to take the leap, schedule a free chat now and let's see how I can best support you!

With blessings and love, Natasa

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