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Expand through
Deep Cellular Healing
using the Codes of Ocean Light

Masterclass &transformational experience

Expand throughdeep celluar healing usingthe Codes of Ocean Light

Transcend stuck patterns, limiting beliefs & old emotions, expanding into ALL of you.

Masterclass recorded on April 22, 2024

Energy exchange CHF 44.-

Are you going throughdeep transformation?

Are you

  • feeling like in a spiritual midlife crisis, asking yourself what on earth you are actually here to do?

  • overwhelmed with the challenges you are experiencing right now in your life (plus dealing with what you pick up from what is going on in the world as an empathic soul)? 

  • having a hard time with experiencing difficult emotions like frustration, anger, fear or scarcity, keeping you stuck and turning in circles?

  • aware of old programming such as unworthiness, not feeling seen (or fearing to be seen), not feeling. loved or respected, or similar emotions resurfacing that you thought were (no longer) there?

  • wanting to finally move through a life long challenge, but feeling as if you were sabotaging yourself?



And at the same time you are tired of


  • Raising vibration without experiencing much of a difference in your life

  • Working hard to heal and feeling your feelings

  • Analyzing, understanding and still not being able to shift the boat

  • affirmations, self help book - and most of all - doing it all alone!


You are not alone.

We are all going through this collective and individual shift right now. We are in a time of deep transformation, indeed.

We cannot change that part.

But we can change with how much ease and flow we grow, heal and realign with our true nature and higher perspective.

We can learn how to truly receive healing and support.

And it can be easier than you think

What if you, just for a moment, opened up to that possibility?


What if you allowed it to be easy AND profound?

What if expansion was healing, and healing was expansive?

Are you ready to allow for healing & tranformation to be more gentle and easy than you might think, yet still profound and powerful?


In this Masterclass you will learn how.

A new way of Healing:profound, gentle, allowing

What if, in order to expand, transform and heal on a deep, ancestral and cellular level

  • you do not need to analyze and dissect your life?

  • you do not need to dive deep into the story or into deeply "feeling the pain" of past experiences or trauma

  • You do not need to sit in front of your mirror repeating affirmations over and over again in order to shift limiting beliefs?


What if all that is needed is your willingness to acknowledge what is and allow for healing and integration, while you are being guided through a gentle and powerful process?


What if,


you could heal not only what you feel is weighing on your shoulders, but also the underlying acquired, ancestral and cultural programming like limiting beliefs, wounds and patterns? So that you do not have to re-live the same experience in different ways?

How? By addressing the root of where it comes from:


Are you ready to dive into the quantum field and allow for pure source frequency to help you heal in the most gentle, deep and expansive way possible?

Experience the power of heart centered intention, loving presence and the Codes of Ocean Light (a channeled transmission of sound, light, frequency, codes and information) and witness your system recalibrate.

1920x1080 WIX etc-3.png

This is a Masterclass & Transformational Event.
In "Expand Through Cellular Healing Using the Codes of Ocean Light" you will discover:

  • how the new way of frequency healing works down to the cellular level

  • why some of the things you might have tried did not work

  • explore what's underneath your challenges and how to get to these deep layers of beliefs, identity, wounding, so that you can go straight to the root and allow the transformation that is beckoning you (without analyzing, dissecting your life or re-living painful experiences)

  • how healing can be profound, easy, powerful and gentle

  • how emotions get stored in the water of your cells and how they can be released and dissolved

  • stories of real people and their remarkable transformations

  • how Ocean Light Code Transmissions (Ocean Light Codes, heart centered presence and focused intention) can help you heal deep subconscious programming and wounding, re-pattern your nervous system and unleash your potential in ways that are both, profound and gentle

You will also experience a powerful transformative healing session using Ocean Light Code Transmissions to transform a specific belief, stressor or wound in your life.

Replay provided. 

Are you ready for more peace, grace and ease?

Then listen to this Masterclass and Healing Experience.

Audio recording from April 22, 2024
Duration 90 min

Energy exchange CHF 44.-

A replay is provided to everyone who registers.


  • you want to reclaim your power by letting go of what no longer serves and aligning with your true, divine nature

  • you are open to the possibility that healing can be profound, easy and gentle

  • you are ready to be present with what is

  • you are committed to take loving responsibility for your experience and healing

  • You want to break free from (self) blame and (self) judgement.


  • you are looking for a savior outside of you or someone to tell you what to fix or solve

  • you are looking for ways to prove to yourself that nothing is working for you.

  • you are determined to hold on to the belief that healing has to be hard, complicated and difficult 

  • you are looking for ways to spiritually bypass what is truly showing up for you

  • You prefer to have something to complain about instead of committing to your healing, growth and expansion.

Voices Sharing Love



"Natasha holds a very warm, nurturing high vibe container that is sacred and pure. I feel her beautiful light language gently touch inside me, transmuting the density, no longer serving me, powerfully penetrating, dissolving and expanding me all at once to new awareness and possibilities I get to now explore and play from. Natasha is the real deal. Thank you lovely Natasha for holding space for me, for my dolphins and my dragon in this way. You really spoke to my essence today and that feels great as I continue to unwind, integrate and own my power like never before to be of the greatest service to All. I really look forward to exploring the mystery and unfolding of what I'm birthing into now! Namaste, ."

Katherine Lia, Healer and Transformational Coach


"The clarity from ocean light language is too amazing for words. 

To clear so much so quickly and it’s not something that happens and then disappears, it’s lasting. Words that tripped me are light and easy now. 
Working with Natasa is as light as air, as deep as the deepest ocean all wrapped in love and care.  You know your highest good is above all."

Jill C. Brown,
Creator of Soul Avatar


Natasa's energy is extremely pure, which is important to me when choosing a healer or coach to work with...

Natasa has an amazing gift to channel Ocean Light Language and energy. She combined this with her other powerful tools to create an amazing healing container. I look forward to doing deeper work with Natasa in the future. She is a great leader and guide to assist others in stepping into the New Earth energies.“

Cymry Mongan

Your heart is calling you.
It is calling you to follow the whispers of your soul and be of greatest service while living your most fulfilled and vibrant life.

If not now, when then?

Meet Natasa Stojanovic

Hi, I am a multidimensional Ocean Light Language Channel, trauma informed Mind Body Frequency Healer, Whale Retreat Leader, mentor, mother and speaker with 20 years experience in leadership-, team-, personal and spiritual development.

Using my multidimensional gifts of channeling the Codes of Ocean Light, mind body frequency healing and down to earth coaching I support those here to raise the vibration on our planet to remember and embody their unique true essence and galactic heritage, live and lead from the heart and align with their highest dreams, expression and calling​.

I believe that our true heart’s desires, vibrant wellbeing and divine purpose are ONE, and that we are here to embody unconditional love and live as conscious creators and stewards of Mother Earth.

Your fulfillment, vitality and mission matter, and I am here to help you activate, embody and LIVE it!

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