Next: April 20th, 2021

Topic: Death and Rebirth in Divine Flow

12noon PT / 3pm ET / 21h CET (Switzerland) / 20h UK

Raising our vibration - one call at a time

Light Language Activations are transmissions of high frequency and vibration. They help you 

  • experience more joy, freedom and peace

  • open your heart more fully, so you can experience more love and connection

  • access your higher wisdom, intuition and inner knowing

  • elevate yourself from what no longer serves

  • activate your gifts, purpose & mission (which is being your natural full expression)

  • express yourself more freely & fully


For each call, I will tune into the energy of the group, and do a Light Language activation specifically for the group and everyone individually. After the activation there will be a Q&A where you can share or ask your individual question.

The calls are recorded. Everyone who registers, receives the benefits and has access to the replay.


"Holy wow, just coming off your light language activation. This was incredibly POWERFUL! You truly have a gift to facilitate what feels like a grounded expansion that resonates our whole being so that more of our light can actually come into form. It reminds us of and activates ever more parts of our true power in a BE HERE NOW kind of way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ✨🌟💖"

Claudia Sasse, Soul Purpose Activator, New Earth Guide, Visionary Intuitive, Author

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April call:
April 20th 2021 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 21h CET - finding clarity in times of chaos
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I am so excited to connect with you on the call!


For those who don't know me


Natasa Stojanovic is a transformational intuitive coach and awakening facilitator, using her spiritual gifts of light light language, energy healing and sound to help you discover your own truth of who you came here to be and embody your most magical life, a life of purpose, vitality, joy, freedom, expansion and unconditional love.

She works with way-showers, coaches, healers, light-workers, new earth leaders and conscious parents who want to step into their calling, vibrancy and power from an open heart of love.

She has a unique way of bridging dimensions, connecting scientific understanding with grounded spirituality from an open heart of love.

Apart from her multidimensional and healing gifts, Natasa is trained in various modalities of Energy Psychology, coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and Experiential Learning.

Natasa has a very deeply embodied connection to the ocean and Mother Earth, and her mission is to support humanity in awakening and co-creating New Earth through elevating consciousness and activating unlimited potential stored in our DNA.



“During the meditation I could completely relax and let go, and afterwards i was very tired yet fueled with energy... two days later I felt completely relaxed in a situation where I usually fall into despair. I felt protected and full of compassion for the other person."

Katharina Dumelin

“This heart activation has begun to bring about a big shift and trust in myself and life when nothing else was seeming to budge the constant fear I was feeling"

Alisa Bruzonsky